Yesterday at a companywide virtual event, Lamacchia Realty announced this year’s members of the Loyalty recognition program which recognizes all of the people who have been with the company five, ten, or fifteen years. This program was instituted last year at the company-wide event on Thompson Island. The company is known for retaining agents and staff much longer than what is typical of brokerages due to the supportive, fun culture built by everyone in the company. Agents and staff are recognized for their loyalty as they are all why the culture is so positive.

“I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people who have been loyal to the company and me for so many years.  There’s no doubt in my mind we would not have been able to accomplish even half of what we have without these wonderful people.  I’m grateful to them all.”  – stated Anthony Lamacchia CEO Lamacchia Realty 

At this time there are 14 people who have been with the company for five years or more; seven agents and seven staff members.

The following agents were recognized in this year’s Loyalty Recognition Program and will receive various recognitions. a plaque, and marketing dollars covered by the company:

Sacha Anastasio, REALTOR® 5 Years at Lamacchia Realty

Angela Harkins, REALTOR® 5 Years at Lamacchia Realty

Jill Hogan & Dianne Lombardi, REALTORS® 5 Years at Lamacchia Realty

Katherine Kesaris, REALTOR® 5 Years at Lamacchia Realty

Alex Montalto, REALTOR® 10 Years at Lamacchia Realty

Jill Kosiba, REALTOR® 5 Years at Lamacchia Realty

There are also several staff members and management team members who have been with the company for over five years.  Those staff members are:

Sarah Chaisson, Vice President of Finance, Lamacchia Companies, Inc., 15 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Dave Karoly, Vice President of Sales, 10 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Nicole Lamacchia, Bookkeeper, 5 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Jackie Louh, Vice President of Business Development, 10 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Katie McArdle, Executive Assistant, 5 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Jacqueline Morse, Executive Assistant to the VP of Operations, 5 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Adam Pasciscia, Field Agent, Property Manager, 10 Years with Lamacchia Realty

Watch below as Anthony announces each recipient!

Here are their thoughts on why they stay:

I am honored to be a part of this wonderful company and cannot believe it has been 15 years. Being the first employee makes it even more special and it has been amazing to watch the company turn into what it is now.  I am so thankful to work with so many great people and I am excited to see what the future holds.” –Sarah Chaisson, Vice President of Finance

“I am so proud of Anthony and what he has done with Lamacchia Realty. I love being part of the company and love seeing the continuing successes of it. My colleagues are awesome and I enjoy coming to work every day!” –Nicole Lamacchia, Bookkeeper

“The decision to align myself with Lamacchia Realty in 2015 is one I will never regret! I had been watching them during the economic downturn in 2008 and beyond and was impressed with how quickly they adapted and thrived in a difficult time. I wanted to be a part of that, and I was not disappointed. The training and procedures they had in place set me up for success; but more importantly, the supportive culture and the genuine PEOPLE that are a part of this company made it feel more like a family than work. That hasn’t changed – in fact; it has only been solidified as we’ve navigated the unique circumstances, we’ve all faced together in this year of 2020.  I extend my sincerest heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Anthony for welcoming me aboard five years ago and to all at Lamacchia Realty who have supported and encouraged me along the way!”  –Jill Kosiba, REALTOR®

“Five years flew by! I can’t believe that when I joined Lamacchia Realty in 2015 we had one office, and now we’re quickly approaching double-digits! It’s been absolutely amazing to be a part of such an ambitious, growing company, and to work with such wonderful people.” –Jacqueline Morse, Executive Assistant to the VP of Operations

“I started a little over 5 years ago and cannot imagine working anywhere else. I am truly grateful to work in such a great environment with such amazing people. From Anthony to management, fellow staff, and agents. I could not ask for a more hard-working, dedicated, and caring group of people to work with. Here’s to many more!!!” –Katie McArdle, Executive Assistant

Lamacchia Realty sincerely appreciates the loyalty shown by these staff members and agents and are truly grateful for their time with the company. As a company, teamwork is essential and there is no lack of hard work and dedication given by these individuals over the years.