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Lamacchia Realtor Leveraging Its Offer Now Program

Last week Lamacchia Realtor Frank McManus utilized the Offer Now Program to the advantage of a seller in his sphere of influence and Lamacchia Development purchased the property on that sellers timeline. These particular sellers were moving out of state and needed an absolute closing date and purchase price they could depend on which is why Frank thought the program may be best and the clients agreed and took advantage of it.

Frank was able to earn a commission the day Lamacchia Development purchased the property and  Frank will be re-listing the property within three weeks after renovations are complete.

Lamacchia Realty launched the Offer Now Program late last year to offer an option to sellers who do want to sell but would rather not list. Since then the program has been a great success. Since time of launch it has become clear that there are even more sellers than they anticipated who would rather not list.

“The offer now program has proven to be a wonderful additional tool that separates Lamacchia Realty from other brokerages.  In this case it was a welcomed convenience for my clients, who just were not interested in getting their home ready for a traditional sale. In all this program is a win for all parties involved. The seller gains piece of mind, along with a fair value for their home. The company gains inventory to sell, while helping a seller in need.  And the agent makes a commission check on both the front and back end.  This is a great additional service that we can provide selling prospects that also positively differentiates Lamacchia Realty from all other brokerages.”  – Frank McManus, REALTOR®

“We’re finding that there is a huge audience of homeowners that want to sell without listing their home. One of the most encouraging parts of the offer now program is our agents are able to leverage it to get in front of more home sellers by offering this additional option to their own network. This is a unique advantage in this extremely competitive industry. Frank is the first of many to close an offer now property to someone in his sphere and we are thrilled that he is getting a commission for the purchase and he will get a more valuable and desirable listing in a few more weeks!” – Mike McGrory, Director of Sales, REALTOR®

Now that the program is launched and up and running several Lamacchia Realtors are using it to their advantage to help them obtain listing appointments, interest from sellers and more. Just last week Realtor Cam Chesley signed up a listing for $1.3 million where the seller was initially interested in the Offer Now Program, spoke to Cam at length about it and decided to list the home without it.

“I’ve had great success in utilizing the offer now program as one of the various off-market options we provide to potential sellers. In this particular instance, once I got the conversation started and began to discuss the alternative ways to sell the home the seller ultimately decided it would be in his best interest to utilize our marketing horsepower by just listing the home which I was happy to do. At the end of the day, the consumers want options and the Offer Now Program is really a differentiator for us as a company.” – Cam Chesley, REALTOR®

Lamacchia Realty offers several unique programs, aggressive marketing and more. They help give home sellers options, so they can choose whatever is best for them. Lamacchia also offers its agents extensive training and guidance in how to offer this program.

Lamacchia offers an array of unique lead products, services, and tools to its agents.  In addition, the trainings, systems, technology and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers its agents are second to none and the word is spreading. Agents have everything they need to grow their businesses at their fingertips. Agents who join from other companies on average, grow their business by 318% in their first year at Lamacchia Realty due to all the advanced training and support they receive.

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