Lamacchia Purchases Three Homes with Offer Now Program

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Lamacchia Development one of the Lamacchia Companies purchased three homes in the span of a week through Lamacchia Realty’s Offer Now Program.  After six months of no acquisitions due to the pandemic and all the market changes it caused, the company is excited to be actively buying again. It is clear more and more sellers are getting comfortable selling their homes and many are beginning to express a reinterest in the company’s offer now program where the seller can sell without ever listing, not have to deal with any inspections or worry about obtaining a fire certificate, not have to clean out the home and can close whenever they want to.

The three homes purchased were in Chelmsford, Fitchburg, and Saugus. The Development team is excited to start renovations and place these properties back on the market as soon as they’re in pristine condition.

“We are excited to be back! During the last 6 months or so we needed to be very cautious when making decisions about properties to purchase and frankly there just weren’t enough sellers. Now that sellers are coming back out of the woodwork we are ready to go! In addition to buying these three properties, we are also looking at several other purchases by year-end.  As hard as Realtors try to make listing a property as easy as possible some sellers just don’t want anything to do with it so in those cases we are happy to buy the home,” stated  Mike McGrory, VP of Property Acquisitions and Development, Property Management.

Over the years Lamacchia Realty has been known to offer unique programs to fulfill seller’s needs in various markets and this one is no different. The Offer Now Program is a very quick and easy way to sell a home and be able to walk away without renovations, cleanouts, or other hassles. We also have other ways to help worried sellers list their home. Click here to learn more!

Lamacchia Realty is here to help give home seller’s options, so they can choose whatever is best for them. Contact us today to learn more about this offer and any other of our selling programs that cater to an immense amount of different seller needs. Follow our Instagram page to see progress pictures of these and other properties under construction.