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Lamacchia Links Info Page

Finding the Perfect Match for Buyers and Sellers

LamacchiaLinks is a proprietary database that was built on the LamacchiaForce CRM in late 2019.  This database confidentially houses all buyer criteria and public records of seller’s properties, matching buyers with homes that fit their criteria.  In essence, the system was built to make it easier for our agents to get their hands on properties that are already in our database. This benefits their buyers who are looking for homes, and the latter; when clients are looking to sell, as many prefer to sell without listing.

Lamacchia agents have access to a RealScout system which has been synced with LamacchiaLinks.  This means when Agent creates a client in LamacchiaLinks and provides their search criteria it will create a default saved search in RealScout, and then keep the two systems in sync and allowing the clients to have access to more properties and a better user experience.

One of the ways a seller can take advantage of selling without listing is Lamacchia’s Offer Now program, or simply being in the LamacchiaLinks database and a buyer being a match for their property.

The LamacchiaLinks system is extremely confidential with built-in firewalls. In order for agents to gain access to information, they must first enter buyer criteria and only if there is a match will they be notified and connected with the company’s sales department to discuss the property in further detail.

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