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Lamacchia Realty Discuss 25 Hottest Towns in Massachusetts 2013

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There’s a report that finds two of the most exciting suburbs in America are right here in Massachusetts they’re Cambridge and Quincy, but those aren’t the only hot towns. If you’re looking for a home or selling one, John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia of Lamacchia Realty say there are 25 towns that have taken off as the most popular towns in 2013 and I know we’re going to address those at least the top 5 but first of all let’s talk about the housing industry is doing in the state of Massachusetts at least the figures for 2013.

Yeah 2013 was definitely a good year, I think it was the year that solidified the improvement in the market, any doubters out there who said that the market wasn’t improving was proved wrong. Overall home sales were up 6%, overall prices were up 7% and the overall home sales would have been up I think over 10% if it hadn’t been for the Government Shutdown.


Definitely. That had stalling on the market that made November home sales a little bit lower so the point I’m making is definitely a better year but the numbers would have been even better if it weren’t for that.

Now when it comes to the top 25 towns, what makes a town hot?

That’s a good question, we’ve done this over the past year and we’ve analyzed 2012 data compared to 2013 and then we ranked the percentage increase in total sales. So total units sold.

Ok so these are places where people want to live.

That’s right and they had to have at least 25 homes sold to be eligible.

How about number 5?

First one up is Holden which is right there right on top of Worcester and that is 304 home sales which is a tremendous amount of sales, the highest on our list. It had a big increase from 2012, about 47%.

What’s drawing people there?

It’s affordability, there was a fair amount of new construction that took place and made up about 12 % of the inventory and it’s good proximity to 290, and you have access to 495, and plenty of hiking, and it’s a fairly rural environment as well,

And like people say, you have to know when to Holden.

That’s correct, you stole my joke. We have to move on to number 4, which is Boxford.

And obviously we know the biggest reason this is a hot town –VB is going to take credit I’m sure if he’s watching Boxford is right up here, in the northeastern corner of the state. Sales were just over 47% prices were up about 16%, average is about $535,000 so 16% increase is significant I mean the average median price in 2012 was like high 400s, and now it’s in the 500s, so substantial improvement in that town.

Let’s talk about Rochester that was a hot town.

#3 Rochester not to be confused with Rochester New York Rochester you got to head down south a little bit it’s right between Lakeville and Wareham, great value down there, lot of new construction as well there were a total of 64 homes sold and actually 11 of those about 17% were in a new 55 plus community called the Pines. That was a big draw for that area,

This address is a misconception here because I would have thought a lot of this area here especially heading toward Rhode Island is overlooked a lot of times who grew up closer to Boston.

I mean there are so many towns and cities in Mass that we’re always surprised at what draws people to a particular area but this is close to the Cape, close to Plymouth and it’s not too far away because of route 3 to Boston.

How about number 2?

Number 2 is Boxborough, which is right here,

He got all the Bs.

I love this map by the way. Sales were up 55%. So a significant increase in average prices were up 46%, I should say median price which was $385,000. So a 46% increase in the average prices.

So number 1 is?

Is our favorite: Barre. Zip Trip. I remember that rainy day.

I didn’t make that one.

What’s drawing people out this way?

The biggest driver is affordability. The median price for Barre in 2013 –and we expect it to rise slightly in 2014– and it was still only $165,000.

Very interesting we’re looking forward to a positive 2014, Lamacchia Realty thank you.


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