The winner of the 2021 Award for Most Growth is Kevin Cormier! Kevin had an astounding 411% growth in 2021. In his 6 months of being in real estate in 2020, Kevin had an impressive 9 sales. Just one year later in 2021, Kevin skyrocketed his business with 46 sales. His success comes as no surprise, having earned the Rookie of the Year award in 2020. Kevin continued to build on his success by following his training and had a truly triumphant year.

“Kevin is the most impressive first year agent I’ve even seen in my career. I don’t know of any other agent, including myself, who has done as much business as Kevin in their first full year in real estate. The guy is a rock star! Congratulations, Kevin.”

Kevin qualified for the highly sought-after status of Lamacchia Realty President’s Club this year, achieved by selling over 33 homes in 2021. Kevin is often found among the top 5 REALTORS® in the Leominster office every month and ranked in the Leominster Office Top 5 REALTORS® for 2021. Kevin is passionate about serving his clients, always arming himself with the most recent market data and training to set them up for success in their transaction.  

“I don’t even know what to say about Kevin other than I have never seen anything like it. The numbers he has produced as a new agent are absolutely incredible! He is someone who attends every training and follows the process, and it shows. I’m so very impressed with Kevin and I can’t wait to watch his continued success. Congratulations, Kevin!”

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