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Kelly Brough


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Kelly recently came into real estate from the world of hospitality. She’s built a reputation from her friendliness and sincerity, and now, as a full time Realtor, Kelly is 110% dedicated to her clients; ensuring satisfaction as she has proven to do for nearly a decade in the service industry.

Kelly was born and raised in Pepperell Massachusetts. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University and has been a Massachusetts Proud resident for the last nine years. After launching her career at the Lenox Hotel in April 2011, she quickly made the Back Bay her home away from home. Having also lived in Winchester, Dorchester, Brighton and now Waltham, Kelly has had the opportunity to explore the different neighborhoods and communities throughout the Boston area.

During downtime you can find Kelly hanging with the family, eating out with friends or walking the dogs. Kelly has had a wide range of experience helping others to achieve success. Treating clients like family comes second nature to Kelly, and she’s a true believer that family comes first.

What made you choose lamacchia specifically?

“All of the stars really aligned. I was in search of a certain level of training, and more importantly a workplace with a motivating environment to help me grow within the industry. The CRUSH IT classes I had attended were out of this world, but it was the incredible culture within the company that nailed it for me… it was a culture I wanted to be a part of! ”

My Favorite Sports:

“Well I’m an all-around New England sports fan, and I play in a social kickball league #clubwaka!”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“Interacting with others and helping people to achieve success!”

Do you have any pets?

“My fiance and I have a dog named Duke, who Todd adopted a few years ago. We also foster dogs, and going on number 61! #LastHope K9 Rescue”

Do you have a favorite charity?

“St. Judes childrens hospital has always held a special place in my heart. And the Max McCormick Memorial Foundation ❤️ “



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