Prior to the opening of the first Lamacchia Realty Cape Cod location through the acquisition of Foley Real Estate, Anthony Lamacchia and Jackie Louh knew they needed a regional manager. A regional manager would oversee the Lamacchia Realty side of the business and the very important summer rental business that came through Foley Real Estate and now into Lamacchia Property Management Rental Division. After several conversations with Kara Foley leading up to the acquisition, they knew there was no one better to fill the role. As a local expert with decades of experience, Kara is perfectly suited to lead the region and guide the Falmouth office agents and their clients to success.

Jackie Louh, Anthony Lamacchia, Jim Foley, and Kara Foley

Lamacchia Realty and Lamacchia Property Management are thrilled to bring Kara on board as the Cape Cod Regional Manager. Kara joined her family business, Foley Real Estate, in 2010 as a managing partner after a seven-year career in the investment banking industry. After her father Jim Foley’s retirement 10 years ago, Kara took over a larger leadership role in Foley Real estate. She wore many hats, including selling homes, overseeing the short-term rental division and sales, and she was an active member of professional standards committee with the CCAR. In this new role, Kara will no longer be selling as is Lamacchia’s policy to not allow anyone on the staff side of the company or management to sell properties. Kara is happy to be to able to put all her focus onto growing this office and region. Her experience in finance and management, coupled with her 40+ years living and breathing Falmouth Real Estate make her an experienced and seasoned professional that will serve as an excellent Regional Manager for Lamacchia Realty

"This has been a really exciting transition. I loved watching my dad pass the torch of this business to someone who so closely embodies everything he stood for. I am thrilled to take on this new role and can't wait to watch our agents grow their business!
Kara Foley
Cape Cod Regional Manager

In this new role, Kara will ensure all departments are working together to drive growth and development in the Cape Cod region. Many companies grow and lose sight of their initial mission; Lamacchia Realty has sought out to do the opposite. Kara will ensure the company’s culture and mission statement remains true and all staff and REALTORS® alike remain working smoothly and efficiently. With Kara leading the charge, Lamacchia Realty anticipates significant growth in the Cape Cod region over the next few years.

“Kara played a huge role in Foley Real Estate and I can’t imagine someone better qualified to serve as our regional manager in Cape Cod. Her business acumen combined with her expertise in real estate and the local market will be a huge asset to the Falmouth office. I’m thrilled to have her on board and know she is going to help us do big things on the Cape!”
Anthony Lamacchia
“We are so excited to join forces with such a prominent brand in the cape cod vacation rental space. Kara Foley and her agents have been well respected in Falmouth for decades and we are really looking forward to collaborating and taking vacation rentals to the next level!"
Mike McGrory of Lamacchia Realty in MA biopic
Mike McGrory
Vice President of Lamacchia Property Management

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