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John and Anthony discuss Preparing Your Home for a Winter Sale:

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Winter has never been a peak season when you’re selling your home especially in our area where bad weather is the norm Can be a good time to show off your property in a warm and inviting atmosphere, if you’re thinking of preparing your home for a winter sale or if you’re in the market for a new home in the next coming months there are some steps that you should consider and our real estate experts John and Anthony form Lamacchia Realty are here to explain. We appreciate you guys taking time out you’ve got a big holiday party in a few weeks all the planning for that we got a couple of good minutes here. Just to start, want to get into the buyer and seller points just a minute but winter season, a little bit of a slower time?

It sure can be. A lot of it is more around the holidays a bit, and last year for an example we kind of coasted through the winter season, had great activity right through, this year we’ll see. So far it’s starting off similar to last year as far as sales volume, and hope we have days like this we hope that that continues.

Let’s start with the sellers here I know you have a couple of recommendations for them and we’ll go through them. The first one is curb appeal and even though there’s a lot of snow you still put tremendous amount of value in that.

Absolutely and one of the things that people I don’t think put enough effort into is taking care of the snow. A meticulous house on the outside usually means a meticulous house on the inside. So if it snows and we get 6 inches of snow and they only do half the walkway and they shovel their driveway only a little bit that doesn’t help, you should shovel it, the sidewalks, the walkways, the driveways, the porches, the stairs, 100%, not only because it looks nice, but because when you put a home on the market there’s a lot of people driving by to look at it. For every one showing, you probably get 5 drivebys. You want the place to look good but also for safety. The last thing you want is a buyer to come see your home with their agent, and fall down the stairs.


Here we are laughing but it’s not funny. That’s definitely a safety issue and how it looks is even more important.

Let’s stick with the exterior because we’ve got shorter days now, the lighting is a key component now as well.

Yeah lighting has always been huge. We talk about it on the interior as far as upping the wattage, but exterior as well make sure all the bulbs are fresh. If you’ve got 40 watt, bump them up to 60, if you’ve got 60 bump them up to 75. So couple that with nice clutter free, no snow on the walkways that’s going to help. Some homes will actually show better in the winter because you’ve got some snow it’s going to cover up the leaves or covers up maybe the dying lawn so it can also be a selling point if done correctly.

And limiting decorations on the inside too when people take a look at the house. Couple more you have for sellers let’s switch over to buyers right now we just have a couple of seconds we got left here, what is your biggest recommendations for them?

Well this could be a great time to get a pretty good deal on a house because this time of year sellers are saying to themselves, if I don’t sell in the next month I’m going to have to wait until spring, that’s not always true, there’s plenty of homes that sell in December, January, and February, but there are less of them that are selling so it can be a good opportunity for buyers to strike and get in on something.

You guys have put a tremendous amount of information on your website it’s very interactive so if you want to take a look on there what’s the best way for people to view all that information?

Just go onto the site, and we have a buyer section, a seller section we’ve got tons of videos you can watch us mugging it up on TV even more so that can help as well.

Perfect. And make sure you have photos too of your house in the summertime that’s the other key

And one more thing I want to add don’t put the heat too low. Too many sellers get cheap with the heat they put it on 60 degrees or 65 when you want people to come into your house and have a warm feeling.

John and Anthony from Lamacchia Realty always appreciate the visit great website for people to check


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