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John and Anthony discuss the 3 hottest towns in Massachusetts for 2012

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Welcome back it is of course a New Year and many of you may be on the market perhaps for a new home or maybe dreaming of one, whether you’re buying or selling or even if you’re just curious about what the hot cities and towns in Massachusetts are for real estate our next guests have some interesting information to share. John and Anthony from Lamacchia Realty are here with us this morning. Thanks for being with us, guys. We’ve got a couple towns here that you’ve decided are the hot towns for 2013   I’m not necessarily looking for a house but I love to look at this stuff. So what do we have here, what’s first on our list?

Well what we did was compile the data with literally the whole year of 2012 and said what towns had more sales than 2011 and which ones also had some appreciation with pricing, and number one on the list was Westwood.


Westwood was number one.

Right next door.

Westwood had a 52% increase in sales, and an 18% increase in prices. So that’s significant. Right now that puts them at about a 6% from their peak, which was 2005, the whole market peaked in 2005 then it went down so they’re already on their way back up and that’s impressive.

So what is it about a place like Westwood that’s a big draw for people? Is it families, is it couples what is it?

I’d say both, you know you have a great school system, you have great proximity to Boston, it’s a fairly rural town so a lot of times you’ll see more like an acre, or almost an acre for as far as lot size so you have a fair amount of new construction, bigger homes, and the average price point for a home in that town is around $700,000.


Higher priced area as well, so the other piece that Anthony was going to highlight is the 100 homes was the minimum that we used so the town had to at least have had 100 home sales in that particular town to qualify.

And Westwood also scored I believe it as #12 on Boston Magazine’s 2012 Best Schools. So that’s a big draw as well. And like John said it’s got that rural feel but the highway is not far away.

Easy access if you do need to get into Boston but also still has more of a country feel. Hard now to get into a town like that? Especially now if you’re putting it on a list like this?

No, yeah everybody’s going to want to buy there now!

Yeah we carry a lot of clout, so they’ll say, “oh my gosh, Lamacchia Realty put it on their top list!”

All right let’s talk about the second on your list here, Falmouth!

Yes we all know Falmouth right over the bridge, I think you mentioned what 68 miles of coastline, so obviously a hot area for second homes, and this is a great sign that second homes are starting to come back so they had an increase in volume of home sales of 68%, so slightly below Westwood but still very impressive, and the price point went up from $434,000 to $494,000 so there was a 13% increase in average home price, so still a little less than Westwood, but great activity level.

Less than Westwood with the sale price, but actual total sales was higher at 68%. So you could even argue maybe they were neck and neck for number one. Price means more than anything to people so we plugged them in at number two.

Wow we’re talking second homes here, all right. That’s good news.

Just once again a great sign.

It’s not all second homes, Falmouth isn’t all a second home market, but obviously a large percentage of the sales are second homes so it’s certainly a good sign.

All right let’s talk about our third town here, Gloucester, where we Zip Tripped this summer!

Maybe that’s why!

Maybe that had something to do with it, it’s beautiful up there, though.

Yes it is, seaside town, great beaches, two commuter rails, or commuter rail locations, so it’s a desirable place, sales were up 14%, and average prices were up about 16%, so both double digit increases and that’s great and the thing I find interesting about this list like I mentioned with second homes is Gloucester doesn’t have a ton of second homes but there’s obviously a larger percentage than most communities, so that’s a second home town and so is Falmouth, and both of them are up in the top 3, and that’s a good sign.

Before we let you gentlemen go this morning, if you want to look for some real estate, there’s apparently an app for that. Tell us about it.

Breaking news!

Breaking news on the Fox 25 Morning News an app from you guys, what is it?

So we just came out with our app, which is for buyers and if you’re selling sometimes it helps you search but it’s really focused on buyers, it allows you to GPS search, it allows you to find homes within a certain radius, so if you’re looking in Westwood, as an example, and you’re looking at a Colonial, you can easily just search within a tight radius so you know what’s sold in the neighborhood, and what’s on the market you can also do some advanced searching where you can find out new homes, open houses, get as detailed as beds, baths, lot size, things like that so we’re pretty excited.

Sound extensive.

And you don’t have to be buying to use it. Let’s say you’re walking down the street and you wanted to know if a home is for sale,

Everybody is nosy in real estate.

People ask me all the time what is that house on the market for, what’s that on for. You’re on the street, you don’t have the exact address, you turn it on the GPS functionality locates it immediately, tells you the homes are in that area and it tells you.

We like to look in the windows too but that’s frowned upon.

We don’t have a webcam app yet!

John and Anthony thanks so much for being here.


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