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Jane Vargas

Jane Vargas




A self-made entrepreneur and award-winning business woman in the restaurant industry, Jane Vargas has established herself as an experienced and dedicated real estate agent. Jane moved to the city of Boston from the southern region of Brazil.  She co-owns a family farm in her native country, where she shares her love for animals and nature. Jane studied business at Unesque in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Jane began her career in a fast food environment and later opened her own restaurant in Boston. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places with her husband, Jorge, and young son, George Jr. Jane and Jorge had decided to acquire the building where they operated their first restaurant, and have since expanded their real estate portfolio.


Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I enjoy gardening, traveling and yoga.  I also love being with my family as well as volunteering to help in many different events.”

Do you have a Favorite Charity?

“My family and I contribute to Goodwill, Children’s Hospital and Jamaica Plain Community Centers.”

Do you Have any Pets?

” My family and I own a farm in Nova Venezia, Brazil where we raise cows, pigs, dogs and cats. My son Jorge, loves helping out taking care of the animals.”

My Favorite Sports:

” I enjoy watching my son practice gymnastics and training in martial arts and watching the Red Sox’s.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“I believe in helping others reaching for their dream home.  Having a place you can call home and strengthen families which are the fabric of our communities.  My husband and I are community activists and believe that connecting people with community leaders creates a synergy that leads to jobs, housing and opportunities for all.”



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