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The Importance of Marketing Your Home Online Video

The dated practices of a seller’s market are null and void in the 21st century market. Anthony stresses the importance of your home having a substantial presence on the Internet.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that anything is more effective than online marketing to sell your home.  Sunday open houses, newspaper ads and word of mouth will not sell your home in today’s market.  Yes they were very effective before the internet but now they are NOT.

When hiring a Real Estate Company to sell your home you need to be sure that they have agreements with all the major search sites like and, in addition to many of the small and medium sized sites like all the way down to  It is not enough to just put the listing on MLS and think that online marketing it done.  Manual uploading pictures onto sites and hiring companies that package the listing to post on hundreds of sites is another strategy that has to be in place.   In addition, blogging about your home, updating Facebook, and using social media to broadcast the message is yet another piece of the marketing that professional firms will employ to strengthen your home’s online presence.

Don’t let anyone fool you, a Buyer will find your home online, period!  And the more sites that your home is on and the more Internet exposure you receive the more likely your home will sell quickly and for top dollar.

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