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The Importance of Having A Buyer’s Agent – Video

Hi I’m Anthony Lamacchia.

I would like to talk to you about the importance of having a Buyer’s Agent when buying a home. It is more important than ever to have the proper representation when buying a home. You will benefit by having an experienced buyers agent working for YOU.

And since the seller, in essence, pays the Buyer Agent’s commission…there is really no down side for you. The listing agent works for the seller and has their best interest in mind…not yours.

Some buyers believe in the myth that it is better to work with the listing agent directly because you will get a better deal.

When you talk to the listing agent, they may tell you that “they can take care of you and give you insight that no other agent could”. But the truth is they are contractually bound to do everything in the best interest of their seller.

When you do hire a Buyer’s Agent be sure to hire a good one not just any agent you meet. The wrong agent with a lack of experience could cost you tens of thousands of dollars during an offer negotiation. But, the right one could save you thousands.

A good buyer’s agent will truly care about you getting the right home, and work hard on your behalf so it is important that you hire one to make the process a lot easier on you and save you money.  Thank you.

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