Some people want to improve the looks of their homes for themselves, and others for potential buyers. All reasons for boosting the curb appeal of your South Florida home are more than legitimate. If you are doing it for yourself, let your imagination run wild. But, if you are doing it to attract potential buyers, be sure to boost it where it counts the most. This is important if, of course, you want to make minor investments but gain a lot. Yes, that is possible – by making a couple of good changes to the exterior of your home, you will be able to increase its value on the market anywhere between 10% and 20%. 

Paint Everything

One of the best ways to boost the curb appeal of your South Florida home is to repaint its exterior. It will not break your budget, will completely change the look of your home, and help you prep for an upcoming sale.

If your home’s walls are run-down, it might be good to start from there. Go to the hardware store and buy some exterior wall paint. You can repaint the home yourself (if you have the time and energy) or hire professional painters to do the job. And, once they are done, see whether your fence, gate, patio, outdoor furniture, outdoor doors, windows, etc., need some love. If they do, repaint them as well. But, be careful – you need to buy the right kind of paint. Not all materials can be painted with the same color type. For instance, what works for walls can never work for iron or wood. 

Add Some Exterior Architectural Details

Why live in a dull house when you can live in something unique. You can turn your home and yard from boring to fabulous by adding some exterior architectural details. This ‘fabulous’ part, even though cheap, can increase the value of your home the most. But, how does one achieve that? Well, one has to be creative

And, once can be creative in a cheap way too. For instance, you can add interesting-looking flat stones to serve as your patio. You can also light that patio with exterior lighting fixtures. And, do not stop there – add lights everywhere around your house and yard. Doing that will elevate the look and the feel of your home. Moreover, you can spice up the space around your front door, too – add a sitting area, a lantern, some pots with flowers, etc. These home improvement ideas are some inexpensive solutions for boosting the curb appeal of any home. 

Do a Lot of Landscaping

If your yard looks neglected, you will not be able to boost the curb appeal of your South Florida home. Imagine walking to a home that looks like a scary house – its grass is long and sharp, there are weeds everywhere, the trash is overflowing, etc. Would you walk inside that home? Or, would you buy that home? Probably not! So, don’t expect other people to like your home if it looks like that.

Landscaping will also transform the look of your yard and home. Either hire a gardener or take your gardening tools and do it yourself. You will need to cut the grass, trim the trees and bushes, replant the flowers, rake the entire yard, power-wash the concrete, etc. You can do this home improvement DIY in just one weekend, so don’t worry about losing too much of your time and energy.

Create a Patio

There is no person in this world who wouldn’t like a house with a patio. Patios make everything look better. So, if you have the budget for something like this, be sure to do it. You will enjoy your days and nights there the most. Do it even if you have found your movers on already. Yes, you will not be able to enjoy that patio as you will be moving out of that home, but the future owners will! And they will be willing to pay a lot more for it

However, before you hire a building contractor, make sure to acquire a permit first. Most South Florida homes have a patio, so getting a permit for building one should not be a problem. But, there are areas where building one is prohibited by law, so you might get into a lot of trouble if you create an illegal patio. Moreover, the same applies to making other exterior changes to your home. So, check your city’s laws before doing anything.

Invest in Some Good-quality Outdoor Furniture

Last but certainly not least way to boost the curb appeal of your South Florida home is to invest in some good-quality outdoor furniture. This sitting area, either on your patio or somewhere in the open yard, will serve just like another room. This will be your room for relaxing, working, studying, entertaining, and doing whatever makes you feel good. And, of course, it will please future buyers. So, make an effort to find some good outdoor furniture and place it somewhere in your yard. 

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on it – thrift it. Nowadays, there are many thrift and second-hand stores in South Florida, so pay them a visit. Or, do some online research and see whether somebody is selling something interesting. This outdoor sitting area will be one of those popular features all homebuyers are looking for. So, do your best to find good outdoor furniture and incorporate it into your yard. That will, without a doubt, boost the curb appeal of your South Florida home.