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“It’s super mobile, which is awesome because we’re always on the run; whether it’s showings or meetings or anything.  We’re always on the move and it’s always there for you in your hand.”

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GET MORE℠ Videos

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Get More℠ with Lamacchia Realty

Get More℠ – It’s Not Hype

Get More℠ – Systems

Get More℠ – LEADS


Get More℠ – Marketing


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Get More℠ – Training

Get More℠
Angela Harkins

Jill Kosiba with play

Get More℠
Jill Kosiba


Get More℠
Joselin Malkhasian

Alyssa O'Grady play

Get More℠
Alyssa Spear O’Grady


Get More℠
Darlene Umina


Get More℠
Michelle Wesson