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Get More℠ – Out of Your Career

As a part of Lamacchia Realty’s GET MOREsm Campaign, agents have been able to share their experience of being a Lamacchia agent and how that’s positively affected their businesses.  Now staff has shared how they feel working on the inside has benefitted their careers and how they feel the company culture is unlike any other.

Working at Lamacchia Realty is different than working any where else which has a lot to do with the support and culture fostered by our full time staff. Thank you to Chessica Williams, Jacqueline Morse, Meghan Casagranda, Mike McGrory, Mike Phinney, Sarah Hatch and Shannon Wright for sharing how they feel about working at Lamacchia Realty.


Meghan Casagranda – Meghan has been with Lamacchia Realty since February of 2017 but worked in the real estate industry since 2010. She is the head administrative Assistant in the Worcester office. Her knowledge of the market and the process of both buyer and seller transactions make her a vital role in supporting the agents in the Worcester office.

Sarah Hatch – Sarah started working at Lamacchia Realty in March of 2016. She has had many roles since them. She is currently an Inside Sales agent, dealing with potential sellers and answering all their questions, as well as the Relocation Advisor where she handles incoming and outgoing referrals and helping clients to relocate.

Mike Phinney – Mike has been with the company since Spring of 2019. He is our trusty handyman, but also helps out our field agents when needed. He has been a great addition as he is a hard worker and always willing to step in to help.

Jacqueline Morse – Jacqueline has been with Lamacchia Realty since July of 2015. She started as an Administrative Assistant where she provided support to agents in the Woburn office. In July of 2017 she transitioned to the Waltham office to begin her new role as the Assistant, more recently Executive Assistant, to our Director of Sales, Mike McGrory, and Director of Operations, Angela Walker. Jacqueline is very knowledgeable with the systems we have put in place and is the go to person for just about anything.

Mike McGrory – Mike is our Director of Sales and has been with the company since 2008, over 10 years!. When he joined Lamacchia, he was heavily involved in selling bank-owned properties until 2010 during the housing downturn.  After that time he worked consulting sellers and listings homes for about four years.   Throughout his career at the Lamacchia Realty, Mike signed up over 1,000 listings prior to moving into a management position. Since that time, he has successfully trained and mentored over 100 agents in various sales processes and techniques.

Chessica Williams – Chessica has been with the company since October of 2017 and is the head Administrative Assistant in the Norwood office. She supports the agents out of the Norwood office with each and every transaction, as well as, helping clients throughout the home buying and selling process.

Shannon Wright – Shannon started working for Lamacchia Realty in May of 2019 as a marketing assistant. She handles marketing services, a new service we rolled out to agents last Fall, for the Waltham, Westford and Woburn offices. She also visits these offices meeting with agents and helping them with their own marketing plans.

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