In today’s market, hiring the right agent is the single most important thing
you can do to sell your home.

When is the best time to sell my home?

The truth is the best time is when you are ready! There are pros and cons to each time of year. Historically more homes sell in the spring but homes also sell in summer, fall, and winter. Believe it or not the best time to list a home to achieve the most money is in the winter due to the lower inventory.

How should I prepare my home for sale?

Most of the time renovations are not worthwhile when preparing to sell your home. But the little things like de-cluttering and staging do matter!

How long does it take to sell a house?

Once an offer is accepted an average timeline to closing is about 45-60 days. How long it takes to get an offer all depends on the marketing of the listing agent, the price, and the overall condition of the real estate market. The most important part is hiring the right agent.

Should I use the same agent or company to buy and sell?

Yes! It is vitally important to do this. Dates and contracts need to be aligned properly to protect your current home and deposit money on your new home. Good communication between agents and other key vendors is vital to accomplish this.

What are the costs of selling a house?

Some sellers try to save money on selling costs by selling their own home without the assistance of a real estate agent (also known as FSBO), but statistics show that the typical FSBO home sells for thousands less than agent-assisted home sales. The fact is hiring a good real estate agent ensures you’ll get you the most money for your home.


How do I get the most money for my house?

The most important way to get the most money for your house is to hire the right agent! A good agent will have expert negotiating skills to get top dollar for your home. They will create demand for your home with marketing as well as through their extensive network of buyers. A good agent will also give you guidance on what to do to make your home appealing to buyers.

How are you different from other agents or companies?

Our marketing is unmatched! When you list with us everyone will know your home is for sale. Higher demand equals a higher price every time. That is why our listings sell for more. Our goal is to reach every potential home buyer in your market. The more demand we can create for our listings the higher the sale price will be every single time. Just like you hear in our TV ads we sell more homes because we do more marketing. With our aggressive marketing everyone will know your home is for sale!

There is an incredible amount of detail and expertise that goes into any home sale and quite frankly it is nearly impossible for an individual agent to be good at everything! This is why we provide support for our agents and we all work together. We have different individuals that specialize in different areas of the home sale all of which work toward one common goal, getting our home sellers top dollar for their sale.

Where do you sell homes?

We sell homes in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and South Florida!
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