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Zip Trip Comes to Lynnfield, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, August 10, John and Anthony visit zip code 01940 in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

John McGeoughAnthony Lamacchia, Adam Pasciscia, Krissy Axon, Alex Montalto and Carolyn Benoit were at the Lynnfield Middle School with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News!

John and Anthony discussed 3 homes for sale in Lynnfield.

Watch video:

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All right welcome back to Lynnfield this morning as we continue the Zip Trip on the Fox 25 Morning News and we check out what is on the market here this morning I am joined by my friends John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia of Lamacchia Realty this morning I see you gentlemen have your beautiful shirts on today and this must be, not matching, ripped jeans that must be what the kids are wearing these days?

That is true and I’m wearing my new Chuck Taylors

And your Chuck Taylors! They bring it, when they bring it they bring it! And we are here in Lynnfield this morning and– there they are– tell us a little bit about some of the stats here in Lynnfield.Zoomin in on John’s shoes!

Yeah they got a good look there.

Average price for a single family is $485,000 and average price for condos is $436,000. We left multi families out because there’s not really any multi families, Lynnfield is a really nice town, real good school system, last year Boston Magazine I believe put them at the # 34 in Massachusetts best school systems, so nice town, nice proximity to the highway, good schools, and that’s why it’s very desirable,

And you’re probably going to pay for it.I think so, but we actually have some fairly affordable places here.

I’m impressed, you came up with some pretty good stuff so let’s take a look at the first one here 31 Partridge Lane

Yes, number 31 Partridge Lane. As Anthony said you’ve got a wide range of pricing in Lynnfield. This one is listed for $349,000, it’s a town house, 1 car garage, central air, I think it’s about 15 years old, so you’ve got a lot of the new amenities it’s a little less than 2000 square feet on three levels and that doesn’t include the finished lower level , it’s actually a good sized unit. 3 beds one and a half baths.

Is that a deck on the back?Real good sized deck, once again, with interest rates at 3 and a half percent, you’re talking about an extremely affordable home.

If you’re looking to get into a good school system, in a nice town, that’s a pretty good price to be able to get into this market. All right let’s talk about house number two.

House number two is 9 Lakeview Drive, it’s on for $430,000. It’s actually a lot bigger than it looks. It looks like a typical Colonial that’s about 2000 square feet it’s actually 3000 square feet because the third floor is built up

It’s deceiving!

It is. The basement is finished, it’s newly renovated brand new kitchen, stainless steel appliances, it’s got views of Lake Suntaug, nice home, irrigation system, and a new septic, that’s a big deal,I do love a brand new septic.

Well that makes a difference. A lot of buyers who are cautious about buying homes with septic system sometimes because if they break they can be expensive to fix, and this one is brand new. If someone came into this house they have no worries with that and have no sewer bill.

That’s great very pretty, some great hardwood floors there. All right let’s talk about our final houseOne more thing: 2 living rooms, 2 family rooms I should say which is awesome if you’ve got kids, we know all about that, I wish I had two!

Good investment if you’ve got some tots in the house. That one is deceivingly large, let’s talk about our third house.

Last but not least, 345 Chestnut Street, we’ve tried in each town from down the Cape all the way to Lynnfield is to highlight a historical property, and this one fits the bill perfectly, this was built in 1790 speaking of family rooms it’s a 40 feet by 20 feet, so an 800 square foot family room we were talking about soccer earlier, you could actually play soccer in that family room.


So 5 beds 2 and a half baths it’s got plenty of the older historical detail and once again that classic Colonial antique style home and it’s on for $699,000.

9 fireplaces.

9 fireplaces? Functioning?

That’s what they say

That’s incredible and I have to say what I love about that giant island in the kitchen perfect for a big family perfect if you want to have a lot of people over and entertain.

You could have a serious party in a family room that big.Anthony Lamacchia and John McGeough we appreciate it.


About Lynnfield Massachusetts

Lynnfield is located 15 miles north of Boston, with North Reading to the north; Reading to the  west; Peabody to the east; and Saugus to the south. Lynnfield is close to routes 95, 128, and route 1, and is about a 25 minute drive to Boston. The population of Lynnfield is 11,596.

Fox 25 Newsanchor Shannon Mulaire stops by our tent

Fox 25 Newsanchor Shannon Mulaire stops by our tent

What makes Lynnfield a great town to live in?

The town of Lynnfield is a traditional New England residential community with a small town feeling     yet within a short commute of Boston’s cultural and employment

opportunities.  Lynnfield offers a wide range of community organizations, including Townscape, whose mission is to preserve the beauty and character of Lynnfield’s landscape by adding new trees to parks, cemeteries and open spaces.The town common is a small green bordered by historic structures including the Lynnfield Meeting House built in 1714 and the Lynnfield Public Library, which was built just before the Civil War. Lynnfield provides a variety of recreational facilities with golf courses such as Sagamore Spring Golf Club, and parks including Newhall Park and the Beaver Dam Brook Reservation.Headquarters for the dairy company HP Hood is in Lynnfield.

Lynnfield’s highly regarded school system includes Lynnfield Preschool, Summer Street Elementary, Huckleberry Hill Elementary, Lynnfield Middle School (where our Zip Trip takes place) and Lynnfield High School.

John, Anthony, and Adam with the group from Studio Poise fitness center

John, Anthony, and Adam with the group from Studio Poise fitness center

The average sale price for a single-family home in Lynnfield is $485,927 and $427,303 for a condo.

Do you live in Lynnfield?

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