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Zip Trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts

For their last Zip Trip of the summer on Friday, August 31, John and Anthony visit zip code 01930 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

John McGeough, Anthony Lamacchia, Sarah Chaisson, and Adam Pasciscia were at the Stage Fort Park and Welcoming Center on Hough Street in Gloucester, with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 homes for sale in Gloucester.

Watch video:

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Welcome back to Gloucester as we continue on our final Zip Trip of the season it’s time to check out what’s on the market here with my friends Anthony Lamacchia and John McGeough of Lamacchia Realty . Are we a little sad this morning?

We are, we were talking it was a tough ride out here, very emotional

Very emotional, last Zip Trip of the season last time we’re going to see you guys out here, kind of fun we appreciate you guys coming, all right let’s talk about Gloucester, tell me about it.

Average price for a single family might surprise people it’s only $436,000, so a lot of multimillion dollar homes up here and you wouldn’t even at first thought you’d think it was higher than that but it’s $436,000 and condos at $279,000, and the population is about 29,000.

Maybe a nice condo– all right let’s talk about our first place

No shortage of beautiful homes obviously in Gloucester first one is 7 Forest Lane it’s a beautiful cape, fully renovated, 3 beds, 2 full baths, slightly under 2000 square feet, and great kitchen, high end cabinets, you’ve got the stainless steel, granite, also has pond views, it abuts a pond, you know anywhere in Gloucester a lot of times you’re going to get views of the water so this is a prime example of that. This one is on for $457,000, so very similar to as Anthony said the average single family price.

That kitchen looks very recently renovated.

Very nice, no island but still it’s a beautiful kitchen

You know I love myself an island, all right let’s talk about the second one

We wanted to get some higher end homes this week since Gloucester has a lot of great ones to offer, 2 Ships Bell Road in Gloucester it’s on for $935,000, 3,600 square feet contemporary, this is a very unique home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, has great ocean views, a whole wall of glass in the sunroom, literally the whole entire wall is glass, it’s got a pond, a waterfall, a lot of nice features.

It’s got deeded quarry rights.

It’s on a quarry?

It has a lot of granite, you’ve got a lot of rocks up here, so you have this actual, your own little quarry that I think they have and some other folks share.

You wouldn’t think from looking at the pictures that it’s 3600 square feet, but it is.Nice big place, great ocean views and it has its own little pond.

Definitely a little different. All right let’s talk about– this one’s a whopper let’s talk about this last one.

Yes you could fit all of our families and then some it’s on 16 Fuller Street, it’s on for $1,900,000, it’s 11,000 square feet, it’s actually 6 beds 7 and a half baths, 9 fireplaces, it’s got some history to it, I guess Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft, and even Gerry Garcia spent some time in there so a pretty diverse group of people. And this one actually has an elevator up to the third floor which has its own private suite which has actually ahs 2 additional baths, obviously you have harbor views, indoor pool.

It is beautiful we have to leave it at that we could talk about this house I think for a good deal of time so we’ll leave it at that, gentlemen thank you very much, thanks for a good zip trip season, we appreciate you guys we’ll see you soon.


About Gloucester Massachusetts

The city of Gloucester is located in Essex County on Cape Ann. Gloucester is about a 45 minute drive to Boston, and also has 2 stops on the Newburyport/Rockport commuter rail. The population of Gloucester is 28,789.

John and Anthony with members of the team and friendsAnthony Nicole and the kidsAnthony and Nicole with Ava, Mason, and Charlie

What makes Gloucester a great city to live in?

Gloucester is a seacoast city known for its beaches, seafood, fishing, whale watching, and rich history. Gloucester has a working waterfront and is home to several lighthouses including the Annisquam lighthouse, built in 1801.

There are several beaches in Gloucester. Cressey’s Beach is a quaint sandy beach near Stage Fort Park where children can run in the field, play baseball, or climb on the jungle gym. Niles Beach has a view of Boston and offers  swim lessons as part of the Gloucester Summer Recreation program. Long Beach offers views of twin lighthouses on Thacher’s Island.

Gloucester is best known as one of the top places in the world for whale watching. This is because Gloucester is in close proximity to two major feeding areas for the great whales. Whale watching is a popular activity in Gloucester, and there are several tours available including the 7 Seas Whale Watch, which features a large-screen GPS display on the ship allowing you to track the vessel’s speed, position, heading, and changes in ocean depth.

Gloucester is also home to Hammond Castle, a medieval-style castle built in the 1920s. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the castle grounds as well as the view of the Atlantic shore line while strolling through the gardens. Ravenswood Park on route 127 has 10 miles of trails and over 600 acres where visitors can picnic, bird watch, walk, cross-country ski, and enjoy the outdoors.

There are plenty of great restaurants in Gloucester that serve fresh local seafood. The Gloucester House, open since 1958, is the first restaurant to popularize fried calamari and is known for its fresh lobster and seafood specialties as well as grape nut custard, a traditional New England dessert.  Diners can also go to The Rudder, located on Rocky Neck and is one of the few restaurants in Gloucester where you can arrive by boat. They have a fully heated harbor side deck and offer a creative yet affordable menu.

The Gloucester Public School District serves more than 3,400 students. Students can attend Gloucester high school, O’Maley middle school, or one of 5 elementary schools.

The average sale price for a single-family home in Gloucester is $436,225  and $279,454 for a condo.

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