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Zip Trip to Carver, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, August 24, John and Anthony visit zip code 02330 in Carver, Massachusetts.

John and Anthony were in Carver, Massachusetts, at the Town Hall, 108 Main Street, with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

They discussed 3 homes for sale in Carver.

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Welcome back everybody time to check out what is on the market here in Carver I’m joined by my friends McGeough and Lamacchia of Lamacchia Realty , thanks for being with us gentlemen.

Thank you.

I hear you had a little incident getting here this morning.

Yeah we were in a rush, was a little dazed so not good combination.

GPS fell off the windshield.

I’m sure, blame it on him.

Yes it was my fault.

Let’s talk a little bit about Carver here, tell us something about the town.

The average price for a single family is $217,000 the average price for a condo is 190,000. We left out multi families because there aren’t very many of them. The population is about 11,000. This is another town with very affordable home prices.

Very affordable and a beautiful small quiet little town if I do say so. Let’s talk about our first house here.

Sure this is your kind of traditional cape, 2 bed and one and a half baths, the address is 6 Cranberry Road, it’s on for $250,000, a little under 2000 square feet, so it’s very deceiving, it’s got 2 beds but you can expand because it has a 3 bedroom septic, I know how you’re always excited about septics.

Yes I do get excited about that.

It’s got a half cathedral home so it’s very open, it’s got exposed beams so it has a lot of traditional styles built into it, real nice home it’s got a stone walkway, nice patio in the back, very nicely done.

So it’s really a unique cape, not many capes have that open, cathedral ceiling, with the exposed beams

It looks like it might have been something else before and they converted it.

You could almost say it’s like a saltbox cape—look at this, a dragonfly flew by.

Live TV what are you gonna do!

Certainly a nice place, 2 big skylights. Nice one I’m going to talk about is 44 Myles Standish Drive, it’s on for $390,000, it’s a 2500 square foot colonial 2 car garage above ground pool, best thing about this house is it has a lot of nice features. The family room is enormous, look at the size of that family room.

It’s huge

You could have a serious party in there! Gas fireplace, real nice hardwood floors, fenced in yard, like I said it’s got the pool, a real nice home and it’s only on for $390,000, really nice place.

So somewhat affordable, those floors are gleaming!

They are gleaming!

And you know I love a good island in the kitchen we can’t forget to talk about that

Absolutely and it was built in 1998, so it’s only 14 years old.

Probably somewhat energy efficient

I would think so

Ok let’s talk about our third house here this morning

Last but not least, this is our 14th Zip Trip and we’ve done about 10 new construction developments and this is a great one as well, it’s a 21 unit development it’s on 22 Redtail Lane, it’s on for $469,000, and you know I’m giving the builder a lot of credit as we’ve done in the past, I mean, the market is tighter than it’s been, but the price points are very reasonable, and we’re seeing a higher quality product than we’ve seen in the past, this one is decked out with Anderson windows and doors, it’s got the crown  molding, it’s got the higher end kitchen, your island of course, biggest thing I wanted to point out is as you can see from one of the pictures, they’ve retained a tremendous amount of the trees, so when you go into it, it looks like it’s an already established neighborhood, which costs more instead of just clear cutting, once again a great opportunity and it’s on for $469,000.

Do you see a lot of new construction around here?

We don’t, but when we see it, it’s higher quality, reasonably priced, and they really just go through and they’re not as cookie cutter as we saw back in ’05 and early 2000s.

Right when they were just throwing them up

That’s right

People were buying them because of so much demand. The point John made about the trees that might sound like something small but it’s really not because what a lot of builders do is they buy 50 acres, clear the whole thing, because it’s easier to move the machines around and they didn’t do that here they put a lot of thought into it cleared out the trees that needed to go left the ones that could stay and the place looks really nice.

People that own a home know that a good mature tree is very important, you need shade and you want all that stuff around your house.

And it makes for a more cozy neighborhood that feels like it’s been there

You don’t have to wait 30 or 40 years to get shade.

Very true, all right gentlemen, that is a nice look at what is on the market here in Carver, we appreciate it have a wonderful weekend guys.


About Carver Massachusetts

Carver is a small town located in southeastern Massachusetts in Plymouth County. It is less than an hour’s drive to Boston, and a little over an hour from Providence, Rhode Island. Carver is close to routes 3, 495, and 44. The population of Carver is 11,509.

John and Anthony  at the Zip Trip in CarverJohn and Anthony and friends at the Zip Trip in Carver

What makes Carver a great town to live in?

Carver is known as “Cranberry Country” because of the large number of cranberry bogs throughout the area. The cranberry is Massachusetts’ number one agricultural commodity crop and many of the bogs, like Flax Pond Farms in Carver, have visitor gift shops and offer tours.

For outdoor recreation residents can go to Myles Standish State Forest, the largest publicly owned recreation area in southeastern Massachusetts. There are fifteen miles of bicycle trails, 35 miles of equestrian trails and 13 miles of hiking trails as well as several ponds for canoeing, fishing, and non-motorized boating.

Carver is home of the family attraction, Edaville Railroad, open since the 1940s. Edaville Railroad has train rides as well as other amusement park rides such as an antique carousel and Ferris wheel. During the winter, Edaville hosts a Christmas Festival of Lights, which has become a New England tradition. You can meet Santa, listen to carols, and ride the train past beautiful displays of holiday lights and decorations.

Carver is also known as the site of King Richard’s Faire, New England’s largest Renaissance fair. King Richard’s Faire is a re-creation of a 16th century English fair marketplace, including handmade crafts, foods, musicians, singers, dancers, jugglers, magicians, comedians, puppeteers, gymnasts, and exotic animals. The Faire is operated on 80 acres of pine forest and has 10 stages. King Richard’s Faire runs for eight consecutive weekends from the first weekend in September through the fourth weekend in October.

The Carver Elementary serves pre-kindergarten through fifth grades and the Carver Middle-High School serves sixth through twelfth grades.

The average sale price for a single-family home in Carver is $217,598 and $191,500 for a condo.

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