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FOX25 Morning News Zip Trip Comes to Plainville, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, July 27, John and Anthony visit zip code 02762 in Plainville, Massachusetts.

John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia were in Plainville, Massachusetts at Telford Park, 142 South St., with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 homes for sale in Plainville, MA.

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Time to learn a little bit more about real estate, we’re on the market here with Lamacchia Realty John McGeough Anthony Lamacchia joining us here, gentlemen, Plainville, by the way I know about this town, nice quiet community, close to Providence, not far from Boston, Anthony, and you also got a real nice quiet community to raise your kids, what is the average home price here?

It’s also an affordable town, it’s one of these towns where you can get a good size house for a good amount of money and we’re going to show that with some of these properties. The average price for a single family is about $280,000, and the average price for a condo is about $200,000, there are very few multi families here, that’s why I didn’t bother putting that average in.

And you’ve got a good school system here too, because it’s part of the King Philip Regional School District with Norfolk and Wrentham so you go up there that’s where your kids go to school tell us about some of the properties in particular here

Well the first one is right as Anthony said, it’s right at the average price point at $279,000 it’s 127 West Bacon Street, it’s an older home with some great updates you kind of got that 1890s colonial feel, but then it’s got the central air, updated kitchen. Let me just check the bed count, it’s actually got 5 bedrooms, 1 and a half baths, so it’s a good size home, and once again extremely affordable at $279,000.

Also you want to go up a little bit, there’s another place on Rhodes Street here,

9 Rhodes Street here in Plainville, this is a raised ranch, really nice place, 3,700 square feet, it’s got a real big family room, cathedral ceilings, it’s got the wood stove, in ground pool outside, so it’s very nice home, a lot of land, it’s a little under an acre and a half.

Lastly, John, as Anthony was talking about, you can get a lot of home for a little bit less price here in Plainville, a very rural community, but like I said a little further out from Boston so you get more affordable but the place you’re going to show us on Paddock Drive is sensational.

Yes this one is a little above the average price point, this one is on for $550,000, it’s 8 Paddock Drive, fabulous home, it was built in 2003 and the nice part where it’s better than new construction as we like to say it has so many updates over the years.

Love the cabana by the way!

It’s got the cabana, a heated saltwater pool, it’s got 4 beds, 3 and a half baths, all the latest bells and whistles, you got the stone fireplace, the outdoor space is fabulous, firepit as well, so you can essentially entertain and also it’s still affordable. To get that home in another community, you’re going to pay six or seven hundred thousand, so once again talking about the affordability of Plainville.

Well Anthony let me ask you, what do you find home buyers are looking for, families are they looking for affordability, are they looking for more rural, or is it more convenience: I’ve got to be close to the city?

It’s all of those things, and I think they get a lot of that here in this town, they definitely do. People are definitely a little more cautious about what they buy now, there was a period some years back when people were always buying big homes, but I think people are living a little more within their means they’re getting what they need and not always what they want a lot of these homes that we’ve shown here they’re able to do that. So it’s a nice town, it certainly has plenty of homes to offer for what buyers want.

If you don’t mind a little bit of a commute to Boston, John, you get a lot you can afford down here.

No question, actually it’s not that bad, 495 and then 95.

Just to give an example the last home John showed it’s 4000 square feet on for $550,000, we live in Watertown, and I love Watertown but if that was on the market in Watertown it would be a million dollars. So you certainly get a lot for your money here.

Like you said if you got a family and one of you works in Boston and one of you works in Providence this is the perfect spot.

That’s perfect.

Gentlemen as always we do appreciate Anthony thanks so much John it’s great to see you: Lamacchia Realty helping us out here in Plainville.

About Plainville Massachusetts

Incorporated in 1905, Plainville was once part of Wrentham and is one of the newest towns in Massachusetts. Situated in southeastern Massachusetts, Plainville is close to routes 1, 495, and 95. Plainville is less than an hour’s drive to both Boston and Cape Cod, and is half an hour’s drive to the T.F. Green International Airport in Rhode Island. The population of Plainville is 8,264.

Lamacchia Realty in Plainville

What makes Plainville a great town to live in?

A family oriented community, much of Plainville is dedicated to conservation land. There is a recreation area and a pool at the town park, Telford Park. Residents who enjoy fishing can find yellow perch and largemouth bass at Turnpike Lake in Plainville. Families who join the Park Terrace Swim Club can use their double size Olympic swimming pool, or smaller children can use one of the toddler swimming pools. The Swim Cub also has a video game room, tennis and basketball courts, and a dining area. Plainville has a public golf club, the Heather Hill Country Club, with one regulation 18-hole course and one 9-hole course. Bargain shoppers in Plainville are just 3 miles from the Wrentham Village Outlets, with over 170 outlet stores selling designer and name brands at discount prices. Sports fans are a short drive from Gillette Stadium in nearby Foxborough, home to the New England Patriots as well as the venue for concerts and special events. Popular eating establishments include casual dining spots like The Tavern from Tower Square, and Don’s Diner, owned by the Perreault family since 1936.

Children in grades pre-K to 3 can attend the Anna Ware Jackson Elementary School, and Beatrice H. Wood School for children in grades 4 to 6. Middle school students attend the King Philip Regional System, which has a newly rebuilt middle school, and high school students can attend King Philip High School. The community also supports several private pre-schools.

The average sale price for a single-family home in Plainville is $282,889 and $209,425 for a condo.

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Hi, my name is Dawn Loney and I live in Plainville MA not far from Telford Park.

Did you know there is a convent right on School Street that houses 18 Sisters belonging to the “Religious of Jesus and Mary” order which originated in France.  Also, Hill Crest Academy is no longer operating (it is next door to the convent – I work at the convent as a Health Care Coordinator) and is now Preschool Adventures.

Osborne’s, a popular nurser on Route One in Plainville just opened up “Summer Licks”  a wonderful ice cream shop on their premises that offers Bliss Dairy product – they are awesome!  Further down on Route 1 in Plainville, there is another Nursery, Tropical Tree that has a huge variety of plants/flowers, etc…. at extremely reasonable prices.

One of the greatest things in Plainville is that there is still a local “candy store” and “private drug store” right near Telford Park.  Plainville Food Mart, or “Al’s” is a great little place to get some groceries you may need in a pinch and an even better place for kids to get some treats and snax, including hot dogs and slushes in the summer.  He also sells beer and wine and has keno and lottery.

Plainville Prescription Center, or “Jackie’s” is owned by Jackie Stanley, a well-versed Pharmacist who is your “old-fashioned” go to person when you don’t quite need a doctor or can’t get to one right away.  Prescriptions, medical supplies, gifts, candy, lottery and other health aids and accessories.  A family-owned business (Jackie is the owner), this pharmacy makes you feel at home and safe where Jackie will always educate you, giving you a personal touch with each order.

Cumberland Farms, or “Cumbies” is right across the street from Telford Park and is a great place for quick snax, hot and cold, slushes, last minute groceries, beer, wine, coffee, you name it!  They also sell gas (Gulf) and have an air pump and ATM.

Oh, and if you are in Plainville, at Plainville Crossing, YEN CHING has THE BEST Chinese food ever.

St. Martha’s Church is a quaint, beautiful, well kept Catholic Church on South Street.  The clergy and staff is friendly and inviting.

I think I’ve covered what I wanted you to know.  Overall, Plainville is a great little town to live in and wonderful place for kids to grow up.  The police and fire station (which will be across the street from you) offer wonderful personnel that are great to the townspeople and keep us extremely safe.

Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow.  Enjoy your time here,


Dawn Loney



Thanks for the great information, Dawn, we loved visiting Plainville this morning!

John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia


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