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FOX25 Morning News Zip Trip Comes to Osterville, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, July 6, John and Anthony visit zip code 02655 in Osterville, Massachusetts.

John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia were at the Osterville Village Library with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 properties for sale in Osterville, MA.

Watch the Zip Trip in Osterville video:

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All right let’s talk a little real estate this morning, can we talk about median price and all that first here?

Yes the average price for a single family in Osterville is about a million dollars. So a lot of these weeks we’ve been talking about affordable towns this isn’t as affordable but you certainly get what you pay for down here it’s a wonderful

But a girl can dream

Yes exactly!

All right let’s talk about the first house.

All right so the first home is 45 Newport Lane, it’s a traditional colonial, a little under 2000 square feet, plenty of updates as you’ll see from the pictures, what I like about this home up in Boston you’ve got crushed stone driveways? Well this one has crushed shells!

I love that at the Cape.

So this is a great buy, it’s on for $484,000 so much less than as Anthony says the average sale price down here. Very nice home.

So well below the average price, you get a nice looking house you get to be in a beautiful area.

Absolutely it could be a nice starter home or even a transition buyer from up in Boston coming down

Absolutely, well all right let’s talk about house number two who’s got that one?

Yup, I do it’s 23 Wianno Circle, it’s actually right up the street.

Oh so it’s close!

Listed for $799,000, it’s a contemporary Cape, 4 bedrooms 2 and a half baths, it has the master suite on the first floor and what else should I say here, it’s got cathedral ceilings, gas fireplace, updated kitchen, granite countertops, and it’s right down the street from the beach.

Double garage.

Walk to the beach, I believe.

That alone is enough to sell me a house.

And that one is, what is it on for, a little under $800,000?

Yes, $799,000. And it’s right on the golf course.

A little bit more than the other one.

A little more.

A little less than the average but still a beautiful house. Let’s talk about house number 3.

Ok we continue to go a little more up market. This one is 121 South Bay Road, this one is on for $1,495,000, so right under one and a half million. This is definitely what you would expect down here, it’s got access to private beach, I think it’s called West Bay, deeded rights actually, it’s been completely renovated, it’s actually got what I love, which is the cedar shaped shingle roof, which is classic Cape.What does that do for you?Well it just looks cool. And it’s very expensive.
It’s expensive and it looks cool. That’s what people want when you’re paying a million and a half dollars.
That’s true, and you know it’s got an updated kitchen, baths, it’s a little under 3000 square feet, and it’s on a half an acre which is rare for down here.
That’s a lot of space.So even though it’s 1.5 [million dollars] it’s a heck of a buy down here.
That kitchen is just beautiful; I love a big island in the middle of an open kitchen.
It’s got that country feel, so a wonderful home.

A nice vacation home, perhaps if you’re in the market for one point five.

Anthony why don’t you pick it up on your way out with the kids?

Yeah I’ll go with the money in my pocket. I’ll go buy it. The kids got shy and took off. I think a fight broke out between them.

Leave the TV to daddy.

Exactly!All right John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia we appreciate you as always.


About Osterville Massachusetts

Osterville is a small village in the Town of Barnstable on Cape Cod. Our Zip Trip takes place at the Osterville Village Library, originally built in 1873, which has undergone a complete renovation this year. There are about 3,800 people living in Osterville year round and it is a popular summer destination. Osterville is an hour and a half drive to Boston.

What makes Osterville a great town to live in?

Named after the abundance of oysters colonial settlers discovered when they arrived here in the 1600s, Osterville Village lies between Cotuit and Centerville on Nantucket Sound. Osterville is a haven for boaters. The Crosby Yacht Yard, established in 1850, is the original designer and builder of the world famous Crosby Catboat. The Wianno Yacht Club offers sailing programs for both members and non-members. Dowses Beach in Osterville is on a large peninsula and offers a gorgeous view and plenty of sandy beach for walking and activities. Craigville Beach is a short drive from Osterville and is one of the largest beaches in the mid-Cape area.

There’s plenty to do in Osterville after a trip to the beach. Explore the maritime heritage of Osterville at the Osterville Historical Museum. Enjoy a walk past the herbal and ornamental gardens on the two acre museum grounds. The museum’s permanent collection includes period decorative arts, furniture, ceramics, and seven full-sized wooden boats. Several structures are part of the museum including the Captain Parker House, built in 1824; the Cammett House, the second oldest house in Osterville, built in 1750; and there are four boat shops featuring six full size wooden sailboats built in Osterville.

Main Street in Osterville features cafes, bookstores, jewelry stores, gardening stores, and unique clothing shops.  There  fine art galleries to browse, including Kindreds, which specializes in Early American and Primitive antiques, and Birdsey’s on the Cape, a gallery that’s been in Osterville for 30 years.Nicole and kids, Anthony, John, and Dave

Osterville is home to Cape Cod Academy, a college preparatory school for grades K-12.

Residents of Osterville enjoy casual dining at local restaurants like Wimpy’s Seafood Café, which opened in 1938 and has grown into one of the most popular restaurants in Osterville.

The average sale price in for a single-family home in Osterville is $1,011,306 and $263,800 for a condo.

Do you live in Osterville?

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Some pictures of Osterville:

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