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FOX25 Morning News Zip Trip Comes to Littleton, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, July 13, John and Anthony visited zip code 01460 in Littleton, Massachusetts.

John McGeoughAnthony Lamacchia, Adam Pasciscia, Marguerite McGrail, Dave Karoly, and Hillery Dorner were at the Osterville Village Library with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 properties for sale in Littleton, MA. Email us for more info on these properties.

Watch John and Anthony on the Fox 25 News Littleton Zip Trip:

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Welcome back to Littleton everybody as we continue the Zip Trip here on the Fox25 Morning News it is time to check out what is on the market here in the lovely town of Littleton, maybe a small area but we’ve got some pretty interesting things we are joined by Anthony Lamacchia and John McGeough of Lamacchia Realty and we thank you guys for joining us as we always do

Thank you

All right let’s talk a little bit about the stats in the town here

Yup, average price for a single family is $365,000, average price condo is about $200,000 and the population is –I’ve got those down now every week—is about 9,000.

9,000, ok not a huge town

Small town but definitely a good supply of houses and some great homes for sale.

And some reasonable prices to talk about here all right let’s get to work, first home right now.

All right the first home, which is actually a great condo alternative, is on 17 Westchester Drive, it’s on for $269,900 it’s about 1,200 square feet ,2 bed, 1 and a half bath. And you know you get a good size lot it’s about 10,000 square feet, nice cozy home, it was renovated I think it was about the early 90s so as you can see plenty of updates and once again a great condo alternative. As Anthony said condos are about $200,000 on average so this one is a little higher but you can get all the benefits of a single family home.

That’s a nice deck on the back there too.


Yeah it’s got everything that you need:  it’s got parking, it’s got the deck; it’s got the square footage.

And a cute little eat in kitchen there, maybe a good starter home even for some people looking to live in the country.

Perfect first time buyer home.

Beautiful little spot all right let’s get to house number two here and Anthony that’s you.

I’ve got a good one too, it’s on 525 Newtown Road, in Littleton it’s for $355,000, it’s an older home, built in 1725, believe it or not one of the men who fought in the Revolutionary War lived in the home years ago, 3 bedrooms, one and a half baths, about 2200 square feet, it’s on an acre and a half, it’s a classic older home. See the coffered ceilings, very thick walls, I thought this was interesting some of the exterior walls are 18 inches thick; maybe they were looking for some armor during the war who knows! And it’s located right across from conservation land. Really nice place,

A little bit of history in there.

A lot of history! I can’t imagine it will last that long.

That’s incredible, all right, if you’re looking for something with a little bit of history and a little bit of land too, it looks like it’s on a good little spot there. All right let’s talk about our last house here.

Last but not least we’ve got some brand new construction, it’s from a local Littleton builder, from FTB Homes, as you can see or you’ll see from the pictures, it’s a classic colonial but it’s also got some farmhouse look to it.

With a farmer’s porch

Great farmer’s porch, you’ve got the stacked windows, it’s got the painted cabinets, which are definitely in vogue now, there’s plenty of light, as you can see from the front and the back there’s plenty of windows it’s over 3000 square feet so 3400 square feet and it’s on for a little under $600,000, so $599,000, and I don’t know if I said the address, it’s 171 Harwood Ave in Littleton obviously.

It’s beautiful it’s got a 2 car garage, and I love that front porch. There’s nothing like a front porch you can sit out there with some lemonade in the summer I love it!

And it’s got 5 beds so plenty of room for kids

Bring the kids, in laws, aunts, everybody.

Absolutely. Load em in!

All right John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia we appreciate you guys as always have a wonderful weekend we’ll see you next time.


About Littleton Massachusetts

Littleton is a close-knit community in Middlesex County located about an hour’s drive northwest of Boston, and is close to routes 2 and 495. Littleton also has a stop on the Fitchburg/Acton Commuter Rail to Boston. Littleton has a population of 8,924, a 9% increase since 2000.

What makes Littleton a great town to live in?

Littleton is a small town but it has a large arts community. The Cannon Theatre is located in Littleton and presents family-friendly plays throughout the year. Indian Hill Music in Littleton is a non-profit center for music education and performance which offers free monthly concerts for seniors, and music lessons in public schools. The Littleton Lyceum provides affordable cultural enrichment to Lyceum members and to the local community. L’Ecole de Ballet in Littleton is a ballet school founded 30 years ago and offers jazz, tap, and ballet dance lessons for children and adults.

Littleton is home to Harmony Horse Stables, which offers affordable horse riding lessons. In the winter, the Nashoba Ski and Tubing Park has skiing and snow tubing.

Rolling hills and conservation areas give Littleton its countryside appeal. One of the most popular spots for recreation in Littleton is Long Lake Park, a park on Long Pond with a beach for boating and swimming, and summer youth programs. Other parks in Littleton include Fay Park, which has picnic areas, and there are hiking trails in Bumblebee Park.

For schools, Littleton has Shaker Elementary School, Russell Street Elementary, Littleton Middle School, where our Zip Trip will take place, and Littleton High School, which opened in 2002.

The average sale price in for a single-family home in Littleton is $363,441 and $198,250 for a condo.

Do you live in Littleton?

Tell us what you like most about Littleton or send us your photos!

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I love that Littleton is a small town with a big heart.  I love the schools and all that they offer.  I have two children 8 and 5 in the school system.  My husband is a volunteer firefighter and EMT for the town, for which I am very proud.  We are so close to everything.  It is a great town to live in!

I’ve attached pictures of the my husband, Brian St. Gelais and children Anthony and Kaitlyn at the Littleton Fire Department and also a photo of the kindergarten class at their concert at Shaker Lane Elementary School.

Kassandra St.Gelais



I saw that you are doing a zip trip in Littleton. My family and I walked up the trail in Prouty Woods and here’s a picture I took on the top. It’s perfect for a special picnic!

We moved here 5 years ago and are very excited to raise a family here.



Thanks for your comments and pictures!  They are great!  We really enjoyed being in Littleton this morning!

John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia



Interested in moving to Littleton? Search for homes in Littleton.

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