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FOX25 Morning News Zip Trip Comes to Hyde Park, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, July 20, John and Anthony visit zip code 02136 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.

John McGeoughAnthony LamacchiaAdam Pasciscia, and Kerin Gauthier were at Martini Memorial Shell Park in Hyde Park with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 homes for sale in Hyde Park, Massachusetts:

Watch video:

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Welcome back everybody we continue the Zip Trip from Hyde Park this morning and we’re going to check out what’s on the market here in Hyde Park we are joined as always by Anthony Lamacchia and John McGeough from Lamacchia Realty good morning to you gentlemen! You’re sporting some new shirts this morning.

Yeah finally a little bit of a different color

Taupe color!

Taupe, I think you were going for gray but not so much.

And it’s blending so well with my pants.

I know you look like you’re wearing a unitard, lovely. All right let’s talk a little about the average prices for homes and what we’re dealing with in Hyde Park.

Yes, the average price for a single family home is $275,000, condos are $166,000, multi-family home is about $300,000.

All right, reasonable.

Interesting that the multi-family is at about $300,000 but with the rentals out there these days you can still rent a place as an investment and make some money so it’s a good town, good proximity to—well, we’re in Boston, I shouldn’t say proximity to Boston.

It’s a great proximity to Boston! All right let’s talk a little bit about the first house here, it’s Glenwood Ave

Yeah the first one is a condo obviously it’s 111 Glenwood Ave, and it’s a third floor unit, it’s about 812 square feet, 2 bed 1 bath, and as Anthony was talking about it’s a perfect affordable alternative to renting because it’s under $1000 when everything is put into it. You’ve got principal, interest, taxes and insurance you’re still going to paying about $1000 a month and you’re going to be building equity over the long term.

And actually it would cost more to rent that could be rented for more than the cost to actually own it.

And it’s a third floor unit which is nice because you have no neighbors to the north right?

That’s right no one jumping on the ceiling

Nobody wants that. Looking good there let’s look at the second property now

Yes, 34 Beacon Street in Hyde Park it is a single family listed at $329,000, now this was built in the 1830s. It’s right on Fairmount Hill, 3 beds 1 and a half baths, it’s got that real cool old fashioned wraparound porch, old fashioned fireplace, but new kitchen,  granite counters  certainly a nice place.

The kitchen is beautiful.

It’s open floor plan. Which is good.


Which some of those older homes we don’t usually get. Does that mean it was completely renovated on the inside at some point?

Yes absolutely.

Yes  it’s beautiful, I love the fireplace and the kitchen is absolutely beautiful as well. Can’t beat that. And the wraparound porch, you had me at that.

The old trim up on the eaves, definitely a cool place.

Yes let’s move to our third property now Milton Street.

Last but not least 66 West Milton Street and that’s on for $375,000, it’s a little over 1600 square feet; 3 beds and 2 and a half baths, a little more of a neighborhood setting, you’ve got the nice front lawn, nice curb appeal but it’s still very updated inside as well, as you can see wonderful colors it’s got a nice screened in front porch or sun porch as they call it so,

Kind of an all weather room there

And it could be a great starter home or it could be a trade up home from maybe you’re living in a condo and now you want a single family. Once again all of these extremely affordable based on the low interest rates that we continue to talk about.

And the nice thing about, if you notice on all three of these, especially the 2 single families, the nice thing is about Hyde Park is it’s an area of Boston where you can still have the residential neighborhood feel. A lot of places in Boston are city-like, there’s no grass at the property there’s no yard and things like that it’s really nice that there’s this area where you can certainly have a yard and things like that.

Anthony and John we appreciate as always you showing us a little look at what’s on the market here in Hyde Park.


About Hyde Park Massachusetts

Hyde Park is a neighborhood in the southernmost part of Boston. It has a population of 31,813. The Fairmount Commuter Rail line to Boston has two stops in Hyde Park and there is bus service to Boston as well. Boston’s Mayor, Thomas M. Menino, is a lifelong resident of Hyde Park.

What makes Hyde Park a great town to live in?

Hyde Park is a great blend of the city and the suburbs. It has lots of open spaces and parks and yet is a short commute to downtown Boston. There are plenty of places to eat in the Cleary and Logan Square including Tutto Italiano, a family owned and operated gourmet Italian specialty store, voted one of the best gourmet food shops in Boston. Hyde Restaurant on Fairmount Avenue features food made with fresh organic and local ingredients and craft beer. Annabelle’s restaurant on Hyde Park Avenue serves classic New England fare. You can even get breakfast at the Hyde Park Pharmacy on River St. It’s one of the few remaining drug stores with a lunch counter, owned since 1954 by A. Richard “Richy” Ferzoco.

For recreation, residents can golf at the George Wright Golf Course, one of the Boston’s two municipal golf courses. There are miles of hiking trails and bicycle paths at Stony Brook Reservation, with 475 acres of scenic landscapes and a variety of recreational facilities including soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, picnic areas, an ice skating rink, and a pool.

Hyde Park is noted for its historic library which opened in 1899 and became a branch of the Boston Public Library in 1912. After renovations were completed a grand-reopening ceremony with Mayor Menino was held in January 2000. In July and August, the library hosts free Concerts in the Garden on the library grounds. For cultural activities, residents go to Riverside Theatre Works, a non-profit performing arts center located in French’s Opera House, built in 1897. They produce professional, family-oriented theatrical productions and offer instruction to children and adults in music, dance, and theatre arts.

Hyde Park is served by the Boston Public School System.

The median sale price in for a single-family home in Hyde Park is $274,626 and $168,022 for a condo.

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