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FOX25 Morning News Zip Trip Comes to Easton, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, June 22, John and Anthony visit zip code 02356 in Easton, Massachusetts.

John McGeough and Anthony Lamacchia were in Easton at Frothingham Park with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 homes for sale in Easton.

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I’m joined this morning by John McGeough and Anthony  Lamacchia of Lamacchia Realty as we do every week to sample some of the real estate in the lovely town we’re visiting and of course we are in Easton this morning. And we want to get an idea of what’s out there first let’s get an idea of what we’re dealing with here the average house price here.

Average price of a single family home in Easton is about $385,000 and the average price of a condominium is about $165,000, they’re both affordable the condo is very affordable great town for a first time buyer.

Any idea what size town we’re talking about here?

What size town? As far as population? I think it’s somewhere around 10,000 John?

No actually I think it’s more than that, more like 22,000.

We were talking about that just the other day, I couldn’t’ remember

All right well let’s get a little bit of an idea of what kind of properties are out there who’s going to starting us off today?

Yeah I’ll start us off, I mean once again we’ve been highlighting a lot, week after week, new construction so we’re going to start off with a fabulous new subdivision, 44 single family homes it’s on Winterberry Lane and the developer is Creative Homes. Once again you’ll see from the pictures: there’s great detail, flexible sizes, the price ranges are 369,000 all the way up to mid 500s. What we like about this development is they’re selling out very quickly so there’s a huge demand for them, phase 1 sold out in 8 months and phase 2 now is starting off with 28 homes so great detail.

It’s got a beautiful open floor plan

Yeah once again great floor plan, highly energy efficient, they’re utilizing the stretch code which is the higher efficiency rating so we really love this new development.

Absolutely beautiful I like that one. All right house number two is that you?

Yes this is a condominium it’s on 10 Nancy Road, it’s listed at 170,000 it’s a two bedroom one and a half bathroom condominium, and a nice complex they’ve got a swimming pool, tennis courts, exercise room, nice place very fair condo fee, perfect place for a first time buyer.

I mean you’re paying, what, 700 dollars a month for a mortgage?

And you’ve got all the amenities

Yes. All the amenities and like John said, the affordability is fantastic, you compare this to rents which are on their way up, it’s more affordable to buy a place like this.

As long as you can afford the down payment. All right let’s get to house number three before we go here.

Last but not least 25 Squantum Ave, it’s a little more traditional home, you’ve got a brick front Colonial, 3 beds 3 and a half baths, large house though it’s over 3000 square feet, 2 car garage, love the location of this home, you can walk to parks, walk to schools, in a very nice neighborhood, not too open of a floor plan it’s a little more traditional, which I like as well, so great home for a family and very good price point under half a million dollars, at $489,000.

You got a good sampling for us today; you’ve got a traditional, a condo, and a new construction with an open floor plan. Thank you gentlemen we appreciate it as always, get to some of the real estate here in Easton

About Easton, MassachusettsMembers of the Lamacchia Realty Team in Easton MA

Easton was voted one of the Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine in 2011. Easton is located in eastern Massachusetts and has a population of 23,357. It’s minutes from routes 95, 495, and 24. Commuter rail service to Boston and Providence is available in nearby Mansfield on the Providence/Stoughton line.

What makes Easton a great town to live in?

Easton has experienced a 3.65% growth in population since 2000, yet even with this increase Easton continues its commitment to preserving open space for a more livable community. Easton recently voted to purchase a $1.3 million parcel of land in order to protect the wildlife, water supply, and for more land to be available for recreational activities. Easton is home to many parks including Borderland State Park, which has over 1700 acres of land and more than 20 miles of hiking trails, ponds, and picnic areas.

Historic Ames Free Library is at the center of Easton’s community, and was one of the finalists for Library Journal’s Best Small Libraries in America. Easton’s good public school system serves students in grades kindergarten through 12 and includes the Oliver Ames High School and Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School. Easton is also home to Stonehill College, a nationally-ranked college on a 375-acre campus that includes ponds and wooded trails. Stonehill College has a student faculty ratio of 13:1.

There are many casual dining options including the Loco Tapas and Wine Bar, Hayashi Restaurant, and Maguire’s Bar and Grill. Easton also has several places to play golf: the Pine Oaks Golf Course, the Easton Country Club, and Golf Country, which also offers miniature golf and batting cages. For kids, there’s The Children’s Museum of Easton, a hands-on museum and cultural center for children ages 1 to 8. The Children’s Museum also offers art classes, a place for birthday parties, and a mini summer camp for children ages 3 to 8.

The median selling price of a single family home is $385,000 and the average selling price of a condo in Easton is $165,750.

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