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FOX25 Morning News Zip Trip Comes to Abington, Massachusetts

For the Zip Trip Friday, August 3, John and Anthony visit zip code 02351 in Abington, Massachusetts. John McGeoughAnthony Lamacchia, and Adam Pasciscia were at the Millennium Memorial Complex, 500 Gliniewicz Way in Abington with the newscasters from FOX25 Morning News.

John and Anthony discussed 3 homes for sale in Abington, MA.

Watch video:

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Welcome back everybody we continue the Zip Trip here from lovely Abington this morning we have a great crowd and I’m joined now by my friends Anthony Lamacchia and John McGeough of Lamacchia Realty as I am every week although I hear Gene did a fabulous job filling in for me last week.

Great job, but we missed you

Aw, well I missed you guys too but I’m back and we want to look a little bit of the property for sale here in Abington first let’s get some of the stats.

Yes single family average price is about $290,000, multi family average price is about $270,000 there’s not a lot of multi families here in Abington, but condos are at about $216,000 so everything’s in the 2s, so it’s a very affordable town, nice town though, nice homes, population is about 16,000 and one of the things that’s a real benefit to living in this town is if you work in Boston is the commuter rail.

Oh really ok, that’s good, easy access to the city.

Yes that’s a great thing and that’s obviously helped this town a lot.

And obviously family friendly, we see a lot of kids here today.

There’s a whole lot!

Ok let’s talk about house number one

Yeah this one fits right into that average price point so it’s about $219,000, it’s a town house so you get that single family feel  but without all the maintenance, very nicely done, it’s 2 beds, 2 bath, nice open concept, it’s even got a heated garage.

I love that!

So this one fits in once again perfectly to that average price point, the interest rates are still so low that the affordability here is great

All right that sounds fantastic, I love a good open concept and I love the heated garage

You won’t’ need it today but hopefully you’ll need it in 6 months

We had too mild of a winter last winter so I’ll bet we’ll get–

Hey don’t curse us!

All right let’s talk about house number two

It’s 40 King Street in Abington, it’s on for $320,000 it’s about a 1600 square foot Cape. Now this is a unique Cape it’s got cathedral ceilings, skylights, nice big living room, fireplace, modern kitchen, and a nice big patio in the back, so it’s not your typical Cape it’s got that smaller feel it’s obviously much bigger good big lot and it’s a nice place.

That kitchen is beautiful–that huge island.

It’s got silestone counters it has, so a little bit unique there.

It’s another one where you go, what’s that, I don’t know!

I was going to ask but then I held my tongue!

I was waiting for you to ask.

You know by now that I’ll ask you.

I thought you were going to ask and I was going to say ask John he used to build houses.

That one is beautiful all right let’s talk about

It’s only listed for $319,000.

$319,000 ok let’s talk about our final house

This one is what we like to see in new construction. We’ve seen a real nice variety in Abington and this one is a 36 unit subdivision, 22 units have already been built, and I give the builder and the builder’s name and he deserves some credit is Richard Cullen from Smart Builders. He’s doing something that’s fairly unique, it’s not the cheapest way to build, they’re very customized, each home on the street looks unique, they look older so they’ve got a nice developed feel. The one I think we’re highlighting is an older looking colonial, but it’s brand new. It’s got unique ridgelines so the roof lines look a little more to the early 1900s, it’s over 2000 square feet so you’re still getting a good size home 4 beds, 2 full baths, I think 2 and a half baths, and the price range is still fairly affordable, it ranges from $489,000 all the way up to $679,000. Very efficient home, it’s got all the energy ratings, and once again he’s doing a fabulous job.

It’s nice because I think sometimes people’s pet peeve with those communities is that they’re super cookie cutter and this is not

That’s correct it’s very unique like when we drove in there it was, it looks established and you know the Joneses are not all the same and for us–as Anthony said when I used to build—that was something that was not the most cost effective way to do it but long term it’s a much better product

Well I was just going to say they’re putting out a much better product and one of the cool things that I like about it’s kind of a little thing but it’s got chimneys on each end of the house and that’s how they used to build houses a hundred years ago and it looks awesome

It looks awesome all right some very good options you guys, and they vary in price range, well here in Abington well there you have it a little sample of what’s on the market gentlemen we will see you next week.


About Abington Massachusetts

Officially incorporated in 1712, in June of this year Abington celebrated its 300th anniversary as a town. Abington is located between routes 3 and 24, is about half an hour’s drive from Boston and an hour’s drive to Cape Cod. Abington also has a stop on the Kingston/Plymouth commuter rail to Boston. The population of Abington is 15,985.

Lamacchia Realty Group at the Abington Zip TripZip Trip in Abington MA

What makes Abington a great town to live in?

Abington is a small inland town located in Plymouth County. Abington has plenty of green space for residents, including Ames Nowell State Park, named one of the 1,000 Greatest Places to Visit in Massachusetts by Park visitors can enjoy boating, canoeing, fishing in Cleveland Pond, as well as horseback riding, picnicking, cross country skiing, and walking trails in the surrounding park. Abington is also home to Island Grove Park, which features a large sand bottom swimming pool, charcoal grill equipped picnic area, swing sets, bathrooms, snack shack, walking trails, and fishing. Island Grove Park was an important meeting place for abolitionists in the mid 1800s and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Zip Trip in Abington

During September through October, one of the most popular attractions in Abington is Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, a thrilling Halloween-inspired theme park. Abington residents enjoy casual dining at local eateries such as Vin and Eddie’s Ristorante, open since 1955, or the Abington Ale House and Grill.

The Abington School System includes the Beaver Brook Elementary School for grades 1-4, Woodsdale School for grades 5-6, Frolio Middle School for grades 7-8, and A

bington High School for grades 9-12.

The average sale price for a single-family home in Abington is $291,078 and $216,478 for a condo.

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