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Waltham is home to our corporate headquarters! It is a city located in Middlesex County. As of the 2010 US Census, the population was 60,632, and at the last population projection in 2013, it was estimated that the population grew 2.6% to 62,227 over a three year period.

Originally incorporated as a town in 1738, Waltham became a city in 1884, and served as one of the seats of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, as it was home to the Waltham Watch Company, the first company to make watches using an assembly line.  During the century the Watch Company was in operation, 35 million watches were made. At that time in America, two out of three watches were Waltham watches.

Waltham also served as the location for the Boston Manufacturing Company, which was the first integrated textile mill in the U.S.  Currently, the city offers a wide variety of amenities, including open park lands and a city center with plenty of dining and shopping opportunities, and serves as the home for two major universities, Bentley and Brandeis.  With so much to offer, and proximity to Boston via Routes 95 and the Mass Pike for commuters, along with a Commuter Rail stop, it’s no wonder that Waltham remains a desirable place to live and own a home.

As of May 15th, 2015, the average annual selling price of a single-family home in Waltham was $487,000, up 5% from a year ago when the average was $464,000.

For a condo, the average selling price was up 1 % from $350,000 in 2014 to $355,000, and the average for a multi-family was also up 1% rising from $545,000 in May of 2014 to $551,000 one year later.

The average sales price in Waltham for a single-family, multi-family, and condo for the last 12 months comes in at $424,836 with an average of 93 days on the market.

What Makes Waltham a Great City to Live In?

In June of 2013 Waltham officials opened a new Cultural Center at 510 Moody Street. The former South Junior High School building was completely repurposed over a four year period, and among other uses is now home to the award-winning Waltham Recreation Department, and their free “Chill Zone” program. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for recreation, socialization, and education to Waltham youth in a safe and supervised environment. A “Skate N’ Scoot” area complete with 25 razor scooters offers open scooter/skating time. There is a bowling room, WII areas, an inflatable/tumbling room for preschool age kids, and plenty of art rooms and options for birthday parties.

The beautiful Prospect Hill Park is a community park of natural woodlands with over 250 acres of undeveloped land offering plenty of walking trails, opportunities to picnic, and beautiful scenic areas with views of Boston’s skyline and mountains to the west. There is plenty of open recreational space in Waltham, a number of great playgrounds for the little ones, and a newly opened 6 multi use field athletic complex.

The beautiful Lyman Estate, also known as “The Vale,” is one of the finest examples in America of a country estate following the principles of eighteenth-century English naturalistic design. It is open for tours and as a venue for weddings, and the Lyman Estate Greenhouse is a must see. Waltham is also known for Stonehurst the Robert Treat Paine Estate, and Gore Place, the historic estate of the 19th-century governor.

Moody Street in Waltham is known by locals as “Restaurant Road” because of the many culinary delights, but you’ll find award-winning dining all around the city.

The Waltham School system consists of Fitzgerald Elementary, MacArthur Elementary, Northeast, Plympton Elementary, Stanley Elementary, Whittemore Elementary, Kennedy Middle School, McDevitt Middle School, and Waltham High School.

For more information on The Watch City, check out our “Your Town” report on Waltham:

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