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Walpole is a quaint, historical New England town located in Norfolk County about 15 miles south of Downtown Boston and 23 miles north of Providence, Rhode Island.

As of the 2010 US Census, the population of Walpole was 24,070.  In July of 2015, the average annual selling price of a single-family home was $554,372. The average for a condo was $313,109, and the average annual selling price for a multi-family in Walpole was $378,600.

From historic Victorians to new and modern developments, Walpole features homes from every period of American history. With great transportation access by road and train, the town offers an affordable alternative to other Boston suburbs.

A friendly and family oriented community, Walpole boasts a vibrant landscape and plenty of beautiful scenery for those who love nature. With nearly 2000 acres of permanently protected outdoor spaces, there’s lots to explore in this picturesque town. The 365 acre publicly accessible Adams Farm, Walpole Town Forest, scenic Willett Pond and Clark’s Pond are just a few of the many popular sights to see.

The downtown area is lined with specialty shops, craft stores, and ample dining options, and many exciting new businesses are coming to town.

The Walpole School System is well known for high levels of achievement and consistently performing well above average on state and national assessments. In addition to having an excellent school system, Walpole is also known as a sports oriented town. There are five elementary, two middle, and one high school in town. Walpole is also home to the Norfolk County Agricultural School. School Leadership is guided by a Strategic Plan that’s been successful in dealing with change in a proactive, rather than reactive manner.

Walpole has a spirited community and an abundance of events that bring that community together, including Walpole Town Day, The Village Fair, Memorial and Veterans Day observances and the annual tree lighting ceremony. Many who come to Walpole plant their roots and call the beautiful town, their home for life.