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Salem is a beautiful and quaint city in Essex County on the North Shore of Massachusetts, 16 miles north of Boston and 45 miles south of New Hampshire.

The population at the time of the 2010 census was 41,340. A charming seaside community, Salem is the birthplace of the National Guard and is also known for the infamous Witch Trials of 1692.

In August of 2015, the average annual selling price of a single-family home in Salem was $361,492. The average for a condo was $272,551, and the average for a multi-family in Salem was $376,021.

Unique shops, award-winning dining, world-famous museums and beautiful outdoor spaces delight residents and await the many visitors of Salem throughout the year. The red line you’ll see as you walk along the sidewalks is the Salem Heritage Trail. It creates four loops throughout the city to help you explore and connects the most important stops in Salem.

Not only is Salem a very walkable city, it’s also a runner friendly city and has an active cycling community. Boston Harbor Cruises also offers a ferry service between Boston’s Long Wharf and Salem’s Blaney Street which takes just under one hour.

The annual Salem Haunted Happenings celebration if a festive month long event that more than 250,00 people look forward to every year around Halloween. It includes a grand parade, haunted houses, costume balls, attractions, and guided tours through many historic sites in Salem.

The Salem Public Schools consist of a diverse student population where more than 37 languages are represented, including Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

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