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Fox 25 Zip Trip to Hull, MA


Hull is a charming seaside community in Plymouth County surrounded by water on three sides. Among other special and nostalgic landmarks, the peninsula is known for being the home of Nantasket Beach, a gorgeous five mile sand beach that offers the perfect place to swim, walk, boat, and sail alongside the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

As of the 2010 US Census, the population of Hull was 10,293. In June, 2015, the average annual selling price of a single-family home was $396,858. The average for a condo was $304,678, and the average annual selling price for a multi-family in Hull was 399,844.

In addition to the miles of coastline and stunning oceanfront properties, beautiful hidden gems along the quiet harbors and bays help make Hull a top destination for all who love the sea

In addition to the sights, the tastes and sounds of Hull Shore Drive and Nantasket Avenue make even the day traveler want to pull up a beach chair and stay a while.

Award-winning restaurants and cafes line the water, and there’s something for everyone when it comes to nightlife and entertainment.

Hull is also a gateway to the Boston Harbor Island State Park system and offers just as much to see off shore as it does on land.

Boutiques, art galleries, spas and a world class hotel, The Nantasket Beach Resort, provide visitors with everything they could want in a seaside getaway. The town also has an array of historical sites, museums, and attractions to visit, and is home to the famous Paragon Carousel, one of the few “Grand Carousels” left in the United States.

Hull Public Schools, made up of Jacobs Elementary, Memorial Middle, and Hull High, has been named to the AP Honor Roll for Expanding Opportunity and Improving Performance for AP Students, and Hull High School was named “National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.”