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Floyd Carmant

Floyd Carmant




Floyd has joined the Lamacchia Realty team having worked in the hotel hospitality industry for the last 12 years. He was born in Florida. He spent a number of his early childhood years being raised in the Caribbean Island of Haiti before the family moved to the city of Somerville, Massachusetts. After making the decision to become a licensed realtor, Floyd interviewed with some of the industry’s top real estate firms,  but ultimately decided to join Lamacchia Realty for its unique approach to real estate, the dedication to clients best interests and better business model for clients.

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I’m a bit of an active person so outside of work I like to attend CrossFit class 3-4x week and in the summer on Sunday mornings I usually get a group of guys together for a competitive game of soccer.”

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?

“Barbell for Boobs is a charity event I’ve participated in the last 5yrs every October to help raise awareness for breast cancer.”

My Favorite Sports:

“My favorite sports are soccer, basketball & football.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“My favorite part of this job is being apart of my clients 1st moments. For instance that very 1st moment and reaction that my client has when I tell them that their offer has been accepted.



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