[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Sara Kalke, Realtor, explains how she gets this done during her Finding Mindfulness, Efficiency and Productivity speech at our first Crush it in Real Estate Event!” main_heading_color=”#000000″ alignment=”left”]Are you struggling to find balance between your Real Estate business and your personal life? This event will be life changing![/ultimate_heading]

Sara Kalke, of Edmonton Canada, is an expert at being a productive Realtor while still maintaining her personal life and sanity.  She is a millennial real estate entrepreneur, who will share her triumphant story of growth and her passion in real estate. Despite some of the difficult life events she has faced, she managed to close 105 real estate transactions as an individual agent in 2017, and has 89 firm transactions in 2018 year to date. All of this was accomplished while having a blast traveling with her husband and 5 year-old daughter, Zoë and while spending time with her 4 horses.

“I’ll share with you the struggles, successes and strategy that took me from 20 sales a year to 105 sales a year without a buyer’s agent, and while having a life.” – Sara Kalke

The story of her 3 rules of work, living her absolute best life of fun and adventure, and how she overcame adversity when her first daughter passed away is both emotional and inspiring!

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“Sara is nothing but impressive!  I have heard of her for a couple of years and then having met her a couple of times and learned more about her business over the last six months I have been amazed at all she does. She is one of the most efficiently working Realtors I have ever met in my career. I am extremely excited to have her as the featured speaker at our event” – Anthony Lamacchia

“I’m so excited to have Sara Kalke join us and speak to our agents. A work/life balance is something so many Realtors struggle with and feel cannot be achieved. Sara has proven that it can be done and can be done really well!! She sold over 100 homes in a year and still had plenty of time for her family and horses, 2 things she is extremely passionate about. I think her story will resonate powerfully with everyone. We are all excited to hear her story and learn how she has accomplished a fantastic work/life balance.” – Jackie Louh

Sara Kalke

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