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Sorry We Don’t Know How Much Others are Offering

Spring home buying season is in high gear and since there are so few homes for sale, bidding wars are happening everywhere. Bidding wars fill buyers with conflicted emotions from having the desire to win the home, and at the same time not overpaying for the property.

Once a listing agent informs a buyer that there are multiple offers on a home, most buyers begin to ask a lot of questions like:

How do we know what the other offers are, can you find out?

How do I know if I am going too high?

How will I know if I go to low?

I don’t want to overpay you know?

These are some of the frequently asked questions a buyer makes before submitting an offer on a property with multiple offers.  Under the circumstances these questions are completely reasonable and warranted.  The problem is there is no way of knowing what other buyers are offering. When a listing agent is fielding multiple offers their obligation is to be fair and keep everyone on an equal playing field.  It would be considered unethical for a listing agent to give out this confidential offer information to buyer’s agents regarding other offers because it would put some at a disadvantage. This being said buyers really need to work with their skilled buyer agent to formulate a competitive offer to truly put their best foot forward.  For additional tips on how much to offer click here to watch our brief video on How Much to Offer on a Home.

Buyers should also keep in mind that sellers are always trying to get as much money as possible just as a buyer is trying to pay as little as possible. This is completely customary and a normal is part of the process. In addition it is the listing agent’s job to get as much money as possible for the seller so it typically would not make sense for them to share these details.

Here are 5 Tips to winning a Bidding War along with a video on The Importance of Having a Buyer’s Agent.  Anthony and John also explained this in depth last spring on the Fox 25 News with Lilly Hopkins.

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