Crucial Tips When Selling a Home with Pets

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Families across the world love pets whether it be a dog, cat, hamster, teacup piglet or all the above. With that being said, pets can be a strong deterrent to any potential home buyer, including pet lovers.

It is strongly suggested that any trace of pets be eradicated during the selling process- mainly for showings and open houses.  Even for pet lovers, animals can be a distraction.  You want interested buyers to focus on the charm and selling points of your home, not the barking dog or the kitty’s litter box.

To ensure a successful selling process, follow these 6 simple steps to make sure your pet doesn’t scare off a potential buyer.

1. Insurance:

Be sure to check your insurance in order to protect yourself if your pet happens to hurt anyone. While you know that your pet wouldn’t do that, one accidental bite could put you in trouble. Go over your homeowner’s insurance and be sure that it covers such incidents.

If your insurance does not cover this, then we suggest removing your pet from the house whenever buyers or agents are scheduled to visit.

2. Your yard:

It’s extremely important to prepare your yard for a showing. If people are viewing it from a distance or if they take a stroll around the property you want it to be as pristine as possible. Make sure that any pet droppings are cleared away to avoid someone stepping in them. They’ll either leave right then and there or they’ll unknowingly track it back into your house.

Also, before you put your home on the market do what you can to make your yard impeccable. Try to get your animals to do their business in one particular section of the yard. People will be more attracted to a beautiful green yard far more than one that has brown and yellow stains all over the grass from pet urine.

Selling with Pets3. Odors:

A lot of people that own pets have a residing odor that lurks in their house. Hiding and putting away a litter box is easy but cleaning the years of stink off the rugs and hardwood can be more difficult. Try bacteria-eating pet odor remover to terminate any traces of your pet. If that doesn’t work, it would be beneficial to hire a professional carpet or rug cleaner.

4. Pet Hair:

This one may be a no brainer but be sure to clean up all and any pet hair. It looks messy and any hair around the house can trigger possible allergies that a home buyer may have.

Before showing your home, vacuum and dust everything up! You can also think about buying a robotic vacuum that can clean your floors throughout the day.

5. Hide Any Evidence:

With owning a dog it seems that after time, stuff continues to pile and pile up at the house. From leashes, and toys to food and dog beds, it would be a good idea to hide and store away all of this. If a home buyer comes into your home, they shouldn’t be able to know that you own a dog!

6. See You Later:

If you don’t have someone nearby that can look over your dog for the time being, be sure to crate them up or confine them to a special area in your home. If you think there is any chance that your dog will bark or become a distraction, it’s strongly suggested that you find someone to take care of them. There are many good options for doggie daycares that can assist you in having a pet free home during a showing.

For more information about selling your home, please feel free to reach out. We can be reached at 855-510-7653 or through the online contact form above.