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About Craig MacDonald

Craig MacDonald

Field Agent, Property Manager


Craig is one of our licensed Field Agents who visits our listings every day!  Craig possesses a broad range of skills with inspecting, evaluating and caring for properties. Since 2009, Craig has been taking professional pictures, creating floor plans, inspecting homes systems, creating 3D imaging and giving home sellers staging advice every day since 2009- shortly after he started at the company. He also handles hanging our signs, and lock boxes.

In addition, Craig has substantial experience with property management. This started back during the foreclosure crisis in 2008 when Lamacchia Realty managed and then sold several hundred bank-owned properties. This management included tenant customer service, coordinating contractors for repairs and renovation projects, communication with utility companies, rent management, management of emergency situations such as flooding, heating, and electrical issues, and much more.  Since that time, Craig has continued to stay involved in various renovation and maintenance projects for Lamacchia Realty clients.  More recently with the announcement of our sister company Lamacchia Property Management, Craig will continue inspecting, marketing rental properties and monitoring properties by providing property management services in the Greater Boston Area.

Craig is originally from Watertown, MA but now lives in Mansfield.

Outside of Work, I Enjoy:

“I like to play golf and go to events within and around Boston. ”

My Favorite Sports:

“Hockey, baseball, football and golf.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“Being able to work with some great clients, and traveling around this great state of Massachusetts.”