This page was originally released on March 27, 2020. It was put together to be the go-to resource page for all things Real Estate as it is continually impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Anthony LamacchiaThe good news is the worst of this COVID-19 crisis seems to be behind us all.  It sure was a rollercoaster ride through late March and April of 2020 but our REALTORS and staff performed and served our clients in a safe manner the entire time.  We are slowly but surely getting back to business as usual and are excited to be doing so. Buyers are buying and sellers are selling and as well, tenants and landlords are renting so it is very busy again.  To monitor the progress of the market in Massachusetts visit our Real Estate Updates page or if you are in New Hampshire visit this page.  

Below are blogs, news stories, and various videos I have filmed along the way to keep all of our REALTORS, clients, and potential clients updated on the Real Estate market throughout this lock-down and subsequent months as life started to open back up again. We also included a section below for those who may be having trouble or are worried that they may soon have trouble affording their home and paying their mortgage. If you are a client of ours and you are having any trouble obtaining relief from your mortgage company, please let us know and we will assist free of charge. Take your time and review the whole page to find what you need.

Anthony Lamacchia
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Blogs & News

Here are our recent resources to help you understand what’s happening in the Real Estate market, and what we think you can expect.

2022 Bidding Wars – How to Strike and Win

The housing market around the Greater Boston area is enduring a market climate never seen before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Inventory initially dropped in March 2020 as a result of sellers pausing on listing their homes and that number has stayed extremely low since. Now in 2022, it’s predicted that inventory will […]

This Fall is the Best Time to Buy in Two Years!

Homebuyers should hit the ground running with their home search.  Have updated pre-approvals and be ready to strike.  The iron is hotter than it has been in two years for the next three months.  Here’s why. 1) Inventory will be at its peak The frenzied market that has all but consumed inventory has started to […]

Tips for a Safe Home Showing

There are hundreds of reasons why people choose to buy or sell a home when they do. Some may like to anticipate and outsmart the market, while others are left with no choice but to buy or sell immediately. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, the same rules applied. Some chose to wait until after the virus subsided, while others […]

Price Adjustments in 2021: Tis the Season

Though there were several months through winter and spring that it never seemed possible this year, the market is slowly beginning to be less competitive for buyers.  Inventory is still very tight despite a slight increase, and as you can see in the chart below from our Massachusetts Updates page, the percentage of homes placed […]

You wanted more homes to choose from and you got it so don’t miss out

The market has been anything but normal over the past year. As it starts to potentially slide back into its regular rhythm, buyers may find themselves in unfamiliar territory. For almost 12 months, the market inventory has been so low that buyers have become used to bidding wars. It was rare to find a properly […]

Are you a “Want-to-Be” Seller in 2021?

ARE YOU A WANT-TO-BE-SELLER IN 2021? Are you scared to list your home for sale because you don’t know where you would go if it sells before you find a new home? Are you searching for a home but cannot seem to find it? Worried about having to move twice? Worried about selling and buying […]

How Remote Work Will Impact Housing Post-Pandemic

HOW REMOTE WORK WILL IMPACT HOUSING POST-PANDEMIC It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every industry in the world, and the housing market is no exception. With so many people making the shift to remote work for safety reasons during the pandemic, it has been speculated that this trend may continue even […]

How to Navigate the 2021 Early Summer Market

HOW TO NAVIGATE THE 2021 EARLY SUMMER MARKET The past year and a half has been like nothing the housing market has ever seen. Beginning in March of 2020 to now, buyers came out in droves due to low interest rates, but sellers were (and most still are) holding off on listing due to the […]

Home Renovations in 2021

HOME RENOVATIONS IN 2021 It is no surprise that this past year has brought on many unforeseen circumstances across many industries. City and town offices were ordered to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic causing delays for attorneys who need municipal certificates, mortgage companies were extremely backed up due to the low rates […]

Home Ownership in 2021: Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

A year into the pandemic, many people are taking the time to reevaluate their current living situations. Whether you’re looking to become a homeowner, expand, or downsize your living space, there are many things to consider before exploring the possibility of moving into a new home in 2021. As with many things in life, timing […]

Making the Most of Virtual House Hunting

If you’ve been thinking about buying a house and finally decided that it’s the right time to take the next steps, congratulations! The home buying process can be overwhelming but it is so exciting, especially when it comes to looking at potential homes. With the coronavirus pandemic, the process of finding your forever home is […]

Myth Buster…Homes DO Sell During the Holidays – 2020

Quite often, too often, in fact, Realtors hear home sellers say that they want to take their home off the market for the holiday season.  Their concerns usually stem from the misconception that buyers are not looking during November and December because they’re halting their search for the holidays.  In many cases, this is not […]

Price Adjustments in 2020: Tis the Season

Though it never seemed possible this year, the market is slowly beginning to be less competitive for buyers.  Inventory is still lower than it ever has been, and as you can see in the chart below from our Massachusetts Updates page, the percentage of homes placed under agreement out of total inventory is higher still […]

Governor Baker & Administration Announce the Eviction Diversion Initiative

With the upcoming expiration of the Eviction Moratorium vastly approaching on October 17th, you may want to think before being too quick to evict! Governor Baker and administration announced a new $171 million initiative, named the Eviction Diversion Initiative, that will help keep people safely housed after the current Eviction Moratorium expires on October 17th. […]

If You Wait to Buy, You’ll Pay More!

Follow Warren Buffet’s words of wisdom It’s Fall again, and like clockwork despite the disruption of COVID-19, buyers are wondering what is wrong with homes that aren’t selling immediately!  It’s incredible how this happens every year, especially after buyers spend the first seven months of the year wishing homes would stay on the market longer […]

Home Appraisals and How They Affect Buying and Selling

What are Home Appraisals? Home appraisals are used by lenders during the mortgage application process as an objective way to assess the value of the home.  They are an unbiased estimate of how much a home is worth in the current market which allows lenders to ensure that the requested amount of money is appropriate […]

Condo Demand Decreases and Inventory Rises

The tectonic shift in normal housing trends as a result of COVID-19 has a new symptom: people are selling their condos and moving to single-family homes.  Shared communal living in condos is at least temporarily not something that as many people want these days. This makes total sense with the social distancing requirements that won’t […]

Historically Low Mortgage Rates Incite a Surge in Buyer Activity

For the first time in almost five decades, the average 30-year mortgage rate fell below 3% this week, even amidst concern regarding the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the average 30-year mortgage rate falling, the average 15-year mortgage rate fell to 2.48%, which is the lowest it has been in almost 30 […]

Supply of Homes for Sale Reaches Historic Low

The cold hard truth is that we are in the tightest market ever experienced; demand is higher than ever, supply is lower than ever, and there may not be an end to this for the rest of 2020.  The supply of homes for sale is determined by dividing the total number of homes for sale […]

Fire Inspection Bill Rescinded as of July 10, 2020

July 9, 2020 – Governor Baker recently signed the bill which rescinds the Fire Inspection emergency order put in place on March 20, 2020 stating that smoke and carbon monoxide inspections could be completed within 90 days after closing by the buyers, rather than the sellers. This order was put in place to assure that closings could move forward as scheduled and help […]

Don’t Worry Homebuyers, This Won’t Last Forever-2020

July 2020 – It’s no secret that being a home buyer over the last few years, especially the winter and spring has been very stressful for many and not very rewarding for some.  Recently due to COVID-19 pulling inventory way down, bidding wars have been even more rampant.  Sellers took a long pause on listing their […]

6 Steps for Safely Holding or Attending a Home Showing

There are hundreds of reasons why people choose to buy or sell a home when they do. Some may like to anticipate and outsmart the market while others simply are left with no choice but to buy or sell immediately. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, the same rules applied. Some chose to wait until after the virus […]

How Real Estate Transactions Benefit Many Local Industries

The sale of a home not only has positive benefits for the buyer and seller but also has several benefits to many local businesses. Each home sale generates jobs, income, and taxes that contribute an average of sixty thousand dollars to the economy (National Associations of REALTORS®). Who Benefits from Real Estate Transactions? As a […]

What Homeowners Should Know About Mortgage Forbearance

As millions of homeowners are facing unemployment and reduced incomes due to the coronavirus pandemic, making on-time mortgage payments has become increasingly difficult. With mortgage forbearance, homeowners that are facing difficulties paying their mortgage on time and in full due to the pandemic are able to pause or reduce their monthly mortgage payment without penalties. […]

Remote Notarization Now Allowed for Real Estate Transactions

Notaries public have long been utilized for witnessing the signing of documents and have been an integral part of closing out a home sale transaction. In a real estate transaction, the closing attorneys witness the signing of all the necessary sale documents and get your transaction closed out seamlessly. When the coronavirus pandemic really took […]

Anthony Lamacchia Featured in Milford Daily News Article

Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner ofLamacchia Realty was featured in the Milford Daily News article, “Coronavirus outbreak slows typically robust spring real estate market” which discusses the buyer and seller response to the shift in an otherwise busy time for the real estate market. Click here to read the article!

This is NOT 2008.

Watch Anthony’s Live from 4/13/2020 About This Topic Here! There has been a lot of concern that the COVID-19 Outbreak will incite a real estate market nosedive similar to what happened in the 2008 Housing Crisis.  Though COVID-19 has certainly caused a massive slowdown in the market- mainly due to a lack of home sellers […]

Fire Inspections During MA COVID-19 State of Emergency 

In Massachusetts, it is legally required that the seller provide a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Certificate commonly referred to as “the smoke” at closing to the new buyer. There are general guidelines put out by the state and local cities/towns that can have additional requirements. Since they are mandated by law, smoke Inspections play a critical role in the Massachusetts home selling process. They can stand […]

Ideas to Stay Busy While You’re Socially Distancing

COVID-19 has changed the way the world operates these days. The majority of people are now operating from home and are finding creative ways to keep busy while still trying to safely connect with family and friends. Now more than ever, those at home are looking for new things to do to pass the time.  It’s also a great time to try new things and step out of your comfort zone!  Here […]

Anthony Lamacchia Featured on NBC – COVID-19 Crisis and Housing Market

Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner of Lamacchia Realty was featured on NBC on March 24th discussing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the real estate market. To watch this video, click here!

COVID-19 and the Real Estate Log Jam

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected various aspects of life over a short period of time. It has single-handedly changed our daily routines in one way or another. Surprisingly enough, even with the quick spread of COVID-19, the real estate market has remained active. However, what this virus has undoubtedly done is began to pile up […]

Open Houses, the Coronavirus and Staying Clean

Note: As of March 23rd Governor Baker issued a stay-at-home advisory and we at Lamacchia Realty do not recommend that you perform open houses. We are recommending that people abide by the Governor’s order. Given the current set of circumstances with the Coronavirus, many home sellers are rightfully anxious about having an open house. As Anthony […]

Coronavirus and Its Impact on Buyers, Sellers and the Current Real Estate Market

The Coronavirus is consuming all social media platforms these days, not to mention day-to-day conversations and continuing to heighten fear amongst the world. It is now to the point where it’s affecting the day to day of businesses and individuals, even buying groceries. Our economy is still very strong despite the few recent dips and jobs […]

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