Common Home Styles in Florida

Florida is jam-packed with culture and flare, and the housing market is no exception. From historic victorian era homes to homes with heavy Spanish influence, the housing styles in Florida are unique and varied. There are plenty of houses to choose from in the area that will fit your tastes. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular housing styles in Florida:

Spanish Style

The Spanish influence can be felt all over our Florida coverage area, and this is evident in the housing styles as well. The Mediterranean and Spanish style home is wildly popular in this area, and for good reason. The stucco walls and the flat, tiled roofs look perfectly placed next to the palm trees and beautiful landscape of Florida. The Spanish home styles often feature details such as arches, intricate window designs, and colorful doors. The clay-tiled roofs are also a great way to keep the home cool during intense Florida heat waves. This style is most common in areas along Florida’s coastline.

Mediterranean Style

Another extremely popular home style in the area is the Mediterranean style home. Similar to the Spanish style, the Mediterranean home has tiled roofs and stucco walls. This style often has intricate and delicate details on doors and windows. They also commonly have iron balconies with decorative designs. They differ from the Spanish style slightly, as their roofs are generally slanted while Spanish style roofs are usually flat. This is another popular choice on the coast that showcases Florida’s heavy Mediterranean influence.


Victorian Architecture

Victorian architecture is another European influence that is commonly found in Florida. These homes are tall and stately and generally have smaller windows. They are usually older homes that often hold historical significance. These homes also have intricate designs and details, such as on front porches and roof trims. This home style is usually found in Central Florida or in historic areas of the state.




Ranch Style

A ranch-style home is a home that is all on one floor. They are usually an open floor plan with a garage attached to the side. This can be a great option if you are looking for a home with children or the elderly because there are no stairs. Ranch style homes give a classic, simple home look. It is usually found in more rural areas of the state.


Contemporary Style

The modern contemporary style home is becoming increasingly popular in the area this year. If you’re looking to buy a home in 2020, be sure to check out our 2020 relocation guide. These homes have a clean and sharp look. They usually feature high ceilings, flat roofs, balconies, and open floor plans. This is another home style that is commonly found on Florida’s coast.


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