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Chelmsford MA 2Lamacchia Realty Inc. is happy to provide the community of Chelmsford MA with their experienced real estate services. Our top of the line real estate agents and company has years of experience perfecting the art of communicating and learning what each customer wants along with providing the best results possible. With a total population of around 33,000 residents in Chelmsford there are a lot of homes being sold and many people looking to buy a home in the area.

Setting yourself apart as a home buyer and home seller is crucial in yielding the best results possible.

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There is so much that goes into selling a home. Lamacchia Realty is here to walk you through the entire process so you can get the best price as fast as possible. From relocating and marketing your home to staging your home & setting the best price we are here. We have grown to success based off of our results. That is why we want to help you!

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Chelmsford and the surrounding areas have so many different properties being sold. Lamacchia Realty is here to help you through the buying process.

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Chelmsford MAChelmsford is spread over 23.2 square miles and 0.5 square miles of this is constituted by water. It has an elevation of 246 feet, and temperatures range from 15 °F in the winter to 84 °F in the summer. It also sees up to 14 inches of snowfall in the winter.

The town has a population of 33,802 according to the 2010 census; and current population density stands at 1,500 per square mile.  Chelmsford has consistently figured in the Top 101 cities for females in various professions.


There are four elementary schools in Chelmsford for grades K-4: the Charles D. Harrington Elementary School, Byam Elementary School, Center Elementary School, and South Row. Of these, only the Charles D. Harrington Elementary School has a pre-kindergarten grade.

For middle school, there are two institutions, namely the Colonel Moses Parker Middle School and the McCarthy Middle School, which go up to grade 8. For grades 9-12, there is only one high school, the Chelmsford High School, but this is ranked among the Top 500 schools nationwide. It also has an impressive student-teacher ratio of 14.5 to 1.


The median household income is $70,207, and the median family income $82,676. Residents of Chelmsford spend an average of 27.6 minutes commuting to work, and this compares favorably with the national average of 25 minutes.


The mean price of a home in Chelmsford, MA is $340,202. A detached home could cost around $517,347, with a townhouse/attached unit selling for $408,619 on average. A home in a 2-unit structure would set you back by $419,187; and in a 3-to-4-unit structure, it is more expensive at $460,645. A condo in a 5-or-more-unit structure retails for $286,073.

These are by no means cheap, but there is a lot of appreciation on housing property – the mean price was $205,500 in 2000; meaning home prices increase by about 5% every year.