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Careers at Lamacchia Realty

If you are serious about building a Real Estate business then you’re in the right place.

canstockphoto30740808Whether you are brand new to the business or a seasoned veteran, Lamacchia Realty is the best place to grow your business.  Our company consists of multiple Realtors who have started their career here and are now top producers.  We also have agents who had been in the business for a long time before they decided to make the bold step of coming to Lamacchia to grow and improve their existing business.  You can Get More with Lamacchia.

No matter where you live- in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island- if you want to have a prosperous career in real estate, we can help!” – Anthony Lamacchia

If you have been in the business for a long time but feel like you have hit a wall, it’s time for a change.  There is a way to build momentum, grow your business, increase productivity and better manage your time.  You can have a successful real estate career and a personal life!  We have endless amounts of guidance and tactics that will make a big difference to your business with REAL Training.

If you are brand new to the business but are personable, have a good work ethic and are ready to learn and dedicate yourself to building your career with us, now is the time to join!

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More About Lamacchia Realty

Lamacchia Realty Leadership Team – Dave Karoly, Sabrina McGrory, Angela Walker, Anthony Lamacchia, Sarah Chaisson, Mike McGrory, Jackie Louh, and Lindsay Thompson

Lamacchia Realty is still a small company with fewer than 100 Realtors but has a Goliath-like presence due to the extensive marketing we do on television, radio and online.

First and foremost, we are a company that is obsessed with training and coaching and the proof of its effectiveness shows in our sales per agent, per year.  In 2015, our agents averaged 18 sales a year per agent which is more than four times the state average.  When we say training, we don’t mean the typical sessions that so many companies do that their agents don’t enjoy and don’t prosper from.   Instead, our trainings are REAL Trainings. Our training program deals with ground level problems that agents face on a daily basis.  No other company has more in-the-trenches training than we do at Lamacchia Realty.  Training is every single week for working with buyers and sellers. In addition, the agents are backed by a 20-member Operations and Marketing Team.

Another major contributor to our agents being top performers is that we are very particular about who we invite into the company.  We only want the hardest working and most ethical agents who are willing to learn and are determined to grow their businesses.

Lamacchia Realty never stops bringing together ideas, transforming the landscape of the industry, and shaping the future of how real estate business is done.  We are truly leaders in the industry.

Lamacchia Realty is headquartered in Waltham, MA with additional offices in Westford, Woburn & Worcester, as well as Dedham, Hyannis and Nashua, NH. Lamacchia Realty is the most innovative and progressive real estate company in MA & NH.


Our Offices

Driven by our vision to grow our community presence, we serve our clients at the local level by providing hands-on access to our client service-oriented agents. Located throughout MA, Southern NH and RI we operate in Waltham, Westford, Woburn, Worcester, as well as Dedham, Hyannis and Nashua, NH. All of these offices are located in Class A retail spaces with modern, contemporary office designs. Each office is outfitted with a conference room, multiple computers with dual monitors and the latest technology and tools available including professional printers, scanners and copiers. All offices and the tools are accessible to agents at the location of their choice.

Our Powerful Online Presence has become the go-to website for all things real estate.  It is known among Realtors and consumers for having all kinds of “tell it like it is” content.  The site is constantly being fed new content that assists our agents in doing their jobs.  It includes blogs on touchy topics like Price Adjustments, or videos on Home much a buyer should offer on a home, or various Housing Reports and much more.  If utilized well the site can act as a partner in educating your clients.

To request a No-Obligation, Confidential Consultation email us at or call us at 800-924-6563.