Outdoor sheds can serve many different purposes. It can be a place to store lawn supplies and gardening tools, or it can be made into a room for a workshop, or art studio. The possibilities are endless, but no matter what it ends up being used for, having a shed can increase the value of your home. Some potential buyers are even more attracted to a home because it has a shed! Continue reading to learn 4 ways adding a shed to your home can increase your property value:

1. Sheds Can Increase Storage Space

Everyone loves extra storage so it only makes sense that it will add value to your home! Wanting extra storage is the top reason why people usually add sheds to their yards. Homebuyers often look for those extra storage spaces when touring especially if they are big into gardening or lawncare and want a convenient place to store all of their tools, supplies, and equipment.

Having this extra storage also provides a perfect opportunity for decluttering. A well-designed and organized shed can store quite a lot, and reduce the number of extra items in your yard. This serves as a great selling point as well, as a clean organized space is more appealing!

2. Improve Curb Appeal By Using a Shed

While the aesthetic of a storage shed is typically overlooked, it can actually play a crucial role in increasing your home’s value. When potential buyers visit your property, their first impressions are usually formed based on the landscaping and curb appeal.  A high-quality and well-maintained shed that matches your home’s color and style can be very eye-catching.

If you’re considering adding a storage shed to your home, considering the style is very important and could affect the entire aesthetic of your yard. Be sure to choose a shed with a similar color and architectural style to your home. It’s also crucial to keep your shed maintained and clean, just as you would with the rest of your property. A shed in poor condition can actually take away from your overall curb appeal. Giving your shed a good cleaning or a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference!

3. Outdoor Organization Opportunities With a Shed

Sheds can also bring the convenience of organization. For many people who don’t have a shed, their garages are usually packed with outdoor supplies and tools, and these garages can often be very untidy. By adding a shed to your home you can add space for organization so that you won’t be digging around your garage to find a specific tool. 

For homebuyers who value organization, a shed can be a significant selling point. Keeping your shed neat and tidy can allow buyers to visualize how they can use it for their own storage needs. In addition to organization, having an outdoor shed can bring some comfort for those who own expensive outdoor equipment. A secure space for these items can help protect them from extreme weather and therefore increase their lifespan. Nobody wants to worry if their lawn mower will be safe during a thunderstorm. A shed may give them some extra peace of mind. 

4. Sheds Are Very Versatile

As mentioned above, a shed can be used for more than just as a storage place. With a little creativity, you can transform a shed into a functional space such as a workshop, a music studio, a home gym, and more! For example, in this new era where there are more remote job opportunities, a shed can also serve as a home office, providing a quiet and separate space from the house. 

Adding this extra square footage makes a shed essentially pose as an extra room to the house! The number of rooms is a crucial factor that potential buyers consider when determining a property’s overall value. 

Other Outdoor Aspects That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

  • Renovations: Adding in a swimming pool, an outdoor patio, or even an updated front walkway can heavily contribute to the value of your home. Be sure to consult with your professional REALTOR for more guidance on which projects can give you the most bang for your buck when it comes time to sell. And of course, with any renovation project, take the time to thoroughly research material costs, timelines, and any permits you need to obtain before getting started.
  • Little DIY Projects That Can Be Done in a Weekend: Replace the home’s address numbers, give the front door a fresh new coat of paint, update the outdoor lighting, and buy a new mailbox! All of these inexpensive home improvements can boost your home’s curb appeal and potentially draw more buyers in to see your home. 
  • Pool Maintenance: If you already have a swimming pool in your yard, make sure it is properly maintained and that all of your permits are up to date. When selling your home, you want buyers to look at your pool as an exciting sell point, not a burden.

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