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Lamacchia Offering Buyer Conversion Training Nationally

REAL Training and Systems is kicking off its Buyer Conversion Course on October 10, 2018.  This course will run every Friday in October and will be offered to all Lamacchia Realty Realtors and to Lamacchia’s REAL Training & Systems National Customers as well!

This course will consist of four weeks of live training, two hours a week.  It will provide a guide of step by step actions agents should take from the time an agent receives a lead from any source at all like Zillow,, Trulia, or their sphere of influence to the time the buyer commits to working with them.  This system has been used since 2012 and has enabled Lamacchia Realtors and Lamacchia Realty to substantially consistently grow its buyer business.

DEADLINE to Sign UP: Friday, October 5, 2018

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This course will include:

  1. Live streamed training, two hours per week for four weeks
  2. A step-by-step guide to the entire buyer conversion process
  3. How to get buyers on the phone
  4. What to say and what not to say when you get on the phone
  5. How to convince a buyer to meet for a buyer consultation
  6. How to get the buyer to be loyal to you
  7. All the same emails and texts Lamacchia Realty agents use to reach a buyer, confirm an appointment and more
  8. All collateral materials used by Lamacchia Agents

These systems, strategies, and methods are the best around and when implemented increase an agent’s conversion rate of their online buyer leads to at least 5% within a few months. Some agents have a conversion rate of 10-20% with this system. Recently, Lamacchia’s REAL Training program was featured in an article in Inman News where they explained why these trainings are better and how they are being offered nationally.

The course will be run by Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner of Lamacchia Realty and REAL Training and systems who is a Nationally known speaker and trainer.  Along with the Director of Sales, Mike McGrory, and Sales Manager,  Dave Karoly.

Mike, Dave, and Anthony regularly train Lamacchia Realty agents and are considered experts both with their track records but also as professional REAL Training course leaders, teaching agents how to get leads to sign up on the spot.

Lamacchia Realty began offering these trainings to another brokerage in Virginia in January of 2016 and began offering them across the nation on December 1st as described in a press release from late October. That press release includes a video with the agents from Virginia who share their experience with the training.  In December, Lamacchia is running a listing course that will have Realtors, Broker owners, and team leaders from California, Iowa, Texas, Virginia, and agents at Lamacchia Realty.

To hear Lamacchia’ s vision for these trainings and directly from the owner, manager, and agents of the company in Virginia watch this video:

Training will be offered to single agents, teams, and entire brokerages across the nation.  Pricing will depend on the size of group and extent of training being purchased.  If you have questions or interest in this course or additional training fill out the form on this page.

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