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Auburn LivingLamacchia Realty Inc. is proud to provide their real estate services throughout the community of Auburn MA. Auburn is a town of around 17,000 out in Worcester County. With a local office situated right in the heart of Worcester, our team has been growing and helping residents all throughout the area. Our team is filled with both home buyer and home seller real estate agents and has grown to one of the largest and successful companies in all of the state.
We harp on one simple thing: RESULTS!

Selling A Home In Auburn MA

Our skilled and experienced real estate agents will walk you through your entire real estate process. Want to learn more about us? Read our number of reviews from happy customers or give us a ring and talk with us! To give you a small preview of our services, we follow a marketing plan that gets your home in front of the right people. There are so many parts of the real estate process that we excel in but getting people to look at your home may be the best.

Marketing Plan

  • Television
  • Photos
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Other Real Estate Sites
  • & much more

Buying A Home in Auburn MA

Our home buyer real estate agents will work as hard as they need to until they find you your perfect home. We understand that each person has their own preferences and needs. It is our job to dig through all the available listings and get your dream home for a price that works for you. The buying process is strenuous and there are many more aspects that go into it, so please reach out to a real estate agent to talk!

livingLearn More About Auburn MA:

Living: This is a very pleasant town to settle in. Local points of interest include the Goddard Rocket Launching Site, the Lemansky Park (also known as the Rocketland Park), the Pakachoag Golf Course, Horgan Skating Rink, Auburn Historical Museum and the Auburn Public Library. Auburn is one of the safest places to live in Massachusetts, with a violent crime rate of just 0.28%. Even property-related crimes stack up to only 3.23%.

Employment: In 2013T, the median household income in Auburn, MA was $67,546. The number of jobs has been increasing at the rate of 0.75% annually.

Residents of Auburn generally take about 25 minutes commuting to work, which is more or less in line with the national average.

Housing: The median price of a house/condo in Auburn is $236,063; while it is $327,200 for  Massachusetts. You will also find that homes are affordable in Auburn, with the mean price in a 5-or-more-unit structure being just $140,188. If you would like more privacy, a place in a 3-to-4-unit structure would set you back by around $187,930. A home in a 2-unit structure costs $198,132, and a townhouse/attached unit $241,192. Detached single family homes cost around $289,213 on average.

Homes generally tend to appreciate in value by 1.5% every year.