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Anthony Talks to NECN About the Most Expensive Towns in Massachusetts

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A new study finds home prices continue to rise across the Bay State. In some communities the average home price is staggering:  right now the average home price in Massachusetts sells for nearly $390,000, but many communities have homes selling for way above that average. Lamacchia Realty has released their list most expensive towns in Massachusetts when it comes to real estate. One of the owners, Anthony Lamacchia this morning to break down the results, thanks for being with us, appreciate it.

Thanks for having me, how are you?

I’m great, and of course everybody loves to hear that prices are going up which means that their house is valuable but also what is the toughest community in terms of price?

A homeowner certainly loves to hear that the prices are going up, home buyers get a little bit nervous, when you talk about top communities Weston rounds out number one once again $1.6 million. Nantucket is number 2 at $1.4 million, Wellesley at number 3 is $1.2 million, Boston at $1.1 million, and Dover just over a million dollars.

You look at those top 5 and you automatically think about schools, a lot of people choose a community because of the schools but with Nantucket might not be an example of that, as an example, it’s not exactly a top 10 community that way.

Yeah well it’s interesting because of the top 10 towns 8 of them had top rated schools. The only two that didn’t was one that you pointed out in Nantucket, the other one was Edgartown over on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s tough to expect them to be in the top school districts when they’re primarily vacation destinations.

On the other had a lot of the communities in the top 50 are kind of Boston-related which makes it seems like it’s up and coming and that might provide some hope in the future for the tax base for schools.

Yeah we have really been seeing an incredible improvement in the Boston market. 5 of the top 50 I don’t know if you want to call them towns, because it’s South Boston, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Charlestown, 5 of them are parts of Boston and it’s really incredible to see the improvement there.

And the graphic that we just saw some of the up and coming towns outside the perimeter of Boston places like Wrentham that have grown and become more prosperous.

Absolutely and I don’t want to take credit away from the other towns in Massachusetts there’s no question that the entire state and Southern New Hampshire where we work in is dramatically improving we’re seeing an improvement across the board but it’s interesting to see how the improvement from about 2 years ago to when it started has been going from the ocean west and it’s as clear as day that’s what’s happening, and it’s improving more and more if you look at the list we put together the top 50 most expensive towns.

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