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Anne Marie Iannelli

Anne Marie Iannelli




Anne Marie grew up in South Boston and began her sales career when she opend up her own Boutique Spa. She has 31 plus years of customer service and extensive experience working with real estate investors, property managemnet and entrepreneurial startups. Anne Marie epitomizes polished professionalism, authenticity, trust and creative service in all details of your real estate transactions. She has worked every aspect of the industry representing sellers, buyers and investors in the Greater Boston real estate market.

Anne Marie is unique in her ability to recognize that a home impacts every area of a person’s life. Her favorite part of working in the real estate industry is assissting her clients in finding the best living situation for them. She is a “people person” and enjoys assisting each client through the entire process of purchasing a property. Two of Anne Marie’s greatest strengths are listening to a clients needs and problem solving, thus reaching successful goals of the perfect outcome.

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I love spending time with family and friends, karaoke, practicing yoga, bike rides and spending time at the ocean. I also enjoy learning and exploring the latest self-care and yoga techniques.”

Do you have a Favorite Charity?

“I currently am exploring Habitat for Humanity.”

Do you Have Any Pets?

” I live with my 2 bundles of love, my female cat Shiva the Diva and my male cat Mogli.

My Favorite Sports:

“Hockey is the most fun to watch and I love all our Boston Sports Champions. Go Pats!”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“My favorite part of this job is working together with a diverse clientele to meet their real estate needs.”



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