Purchasing a home in an area with HOA fees can be tricky, especially since many people aren’t familiar with the process. However, it definitely has its pros and cons. Although it might not seem so at first, HOAs in Florida are there to help you as a homeowner. People usually only see the burden of following the rules instead of focusing on the benefits they get from the homeowners association. In reality, it helps maintain the stability of communities by preventing people from doing disrupting activities, for example.

HOAs in Florida - what are they?

A neighborhood in Florida where people have HOAs.Of course, before you make any decisions, it’s essential to understand what HOAs are. First of all, HOA is an abbreviation that’s short for Homeowners Association. It essentially entails that a certain group of people inside a condo building or even a single-family home that make up a close-knit community should abide by the same rules and have the same regulations. Everyone needs to follow these rules without exception. They are mainly about how the common spaces and personal properties should be treated by the people living there. 

Some particularities are typical with HOAs in Florida. Residents are obligated to pay monthly fees, which are then used to cover any expenses in the common areas. HOAs usually come with a list of rules as well as rights that people in these areas have. If they aren’t respected, certain consequences go into action. They’ll either put a hold on your property or charge you extra fees, depending on the severity of the mistake. A typical rule is that the more you get out of the association, the larger your fine will be if you commit an offense.

Do all residents have the same obligations?

No matter your status or how long you’ve been a community member, all the fees, rules, and regulations are the same for all members. Before moving to one of Florida’s HOAs, make sure that you’ll be able to follow all the rules. Additionally, some areas are stricter than others, so you should look into every single detail you can find before signing any agreements. Here are some rules that HOAs can set up:

  • They decide if you’re allowed to rent out your home or not.
  • Individual HOAs determine all the fees.
  • When it comes to the exterior of your home, they can make rules about anything, even the design and the colors you can use.

Hire professionals for help

Whether you end up living in one of Florida’s HOAs or choose another neighborhood, you’ll need to relocate and find a home. Hiring professionals to help you and guide you through this process will make everything easier.

  • Movers – Hiring a moving company will aid you in a lot more than just transporting your belongings. Pairing up with City Movers means having them at your disposal for anything you’re wondering or having doubts about.
  • Real estate agentsPurchasing a home in one of the HOAs in Florida is a unique experience. Having someone by your side is essential since you’ll need to get to so many chores and obligations.

Prepare for your local move

Of course, there’s much more to relocation than first meets the eye, aside from hiring a moving company. Every part of your local move will require you to choose the right option for a worry-free process. Will you bring your belongings with you or store them for the time being? When is the best time for moving? How much are you willing to spend? You need to answer these and many more questions before you start planning the relocation.

The Pros and Cons of HOAs

  • No more conflict – One of the worst parts about living in a close-knit community is having to constantly adjust to your neighbor’s wishes and vice-versa. This, more often than not, leads to arguments. If you live in an HOA in Florida, chances of getting into a heated argument with your neighbors are far lesser. All the rules are predetermined if there’s a system that functions well.
  • You’ll have all the info available – Before signing anything, make sure to have all the housing reports that are of interest to you. The great part about living in an HOA is that all the info is out in the open.
  • Making new friends – As stated already, making new friends is an almost inevitable part of living in an HOA. You’ll talk, mingle, complain about the harshness of the system, and inevitably bond sooner or later. 
  • You won’t have as many chores as before – Seeing how you’ll be paying for certain services like throwing out the trash, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the common areas, you won’t have to waste your time on them.
  • Strict criteria for entering an HOA – If you’re looking to live in an HOA community, there are specific criteria you’ll need to fulfill. Some communities are stricter than others, and you never know whether you’ll meet the requirements.
  • Strict criteria for making any changes – You’ll also most likely need permission if you wish to renovate or make any changes.
  • You may be affected by other’s mistakes – If other residents are late with their fees or have some other issues and you’re looking to sell your home, this could slow you down significantly. Before joining HOAs in Florida, make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

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