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About Ali Karas

Ali Karas

Real Estate Agent




It was at the time my husband and I purchased our first home through Lamacchia Realty that I realized I wanted to set out and get my real estate license. Through the development of our friendship with our realtor and the excitement of the industry, I realized this was something I truly wanted to become a part of. Real estate has now become a passion of mine.

I grew up in Seekonk, MA where I spent my first three years after college teaching and coaching middle school.

Outside of Work, I Enjoy:

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends- I enjoy going up to my family’s blueberry farm in Osborne, Maine, or visiting my parents on the Cape. I feel on the east coast we are so lucky to have the ocean so I also try to hop in the water as often as possible, despite to often freezing temperatures!!

Do you have a favorite charity?

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Do you have any pets?

I’m working on it! My husband still thinks “we don’t need a puppy yet..” To be continued…

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

Love the Patriots! You’d have to if you’re at a Pat’s game mid-January with a wind chill of about -20 and you are as happy as ever!!

I also play on an adult field hockey team with a group of my best girl friends in the city.

Favorite Part of My Job:

My favorite part would be the relationships you make over time and the effects you have on turning home buying into a really great memorable event is something that is important to me. Creating a long-term relationship with my clients is something I value.