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Alex Maiolino

Alex Maiolino




Alex grew up on the south shore of Massachusetts before attending UConn for her undergraduate degree. She moved back to MA after college and got started in the nightlife and restaurant industry working for one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the Boston area before deciding to pursue real estate! Alex and her best friend, Kelcie have known each other for over 20 years and decided to join Lamacchia together to take the industry by storm. She is a bold, affable and patient part of the dynamic duo and is thrilled to be an asset to her clients!

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I like trying new restaurants with friends and spending time with my dog.”

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?

“I enjoy volunteering at local homeless shelters and with underprivileged children.”

Do You Have Any Pets?

“I have a dog and he is my baby. He is a one year old English Bulldog named Bernard. Obsessed is an understatement.”

My Favorite Sports:

“I went to UConn so naturally I’m a basketball fan. All Boston sports, though!”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“I am a people person, so I love getting to meet and understand all different types of people. The flexibility is great, too!”