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Agents and Support

Our agents and staff provide world-class service to all of our clients.

Each agent and staff member is listed below in their respective roles.




Anthony Lamacchia
Broker/Owner, REALTOR®
Sarah Chaisson
Vice President, REALTOR®
Angela Walker
Director of Operations, REALTOR®
Mike McGrory
Director of Sales, REALTOR®
Dave Karoly
Manager of Sales, Buyers/Sellers/Agent Support, REALTOR®
Jackie Louh
Director of Growth & Development, REALTOR®
Shane Bronson
Vice President of Relocation
Lauren DiStefano
Executive Assistant to Anthony Lamacchia, Business Manager, Relocation Director
Lindsay Favazza
Marketing Manager





Amy Annunciata
Administrative Assistant
Kim Beaulieu
Administrative Assistant, REALTOR®
Meghan Casagranda
Administrative Assistant
Christine Daigle
Marketing Assistant, REALTOR®
Cole Gargaro
Marketing Coordinator
Nicole Lamacchia
Nicole LeBlanc
Business Development Consultant, REALTOR®
Jessica Mayo
Administrative Assistant
Katie McArdle
Administrative Assistant
Sabrina McGrory
Senior administrative assistant
MacKenzie Mell
Business Development Consultant, REALTOR®
John Millen
Business Development Consultant, REALTOR®
Jacqueline Morse
Administrative Assistant
Adam Pasciscia
Field Agent
Christin Piccirilli
John Remby
Business System Engineer
Brenna Thornton
Administrative Assistant

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