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Agents and Support

Our agents and staff provide world-class service to all of our clients.

Each agent and staff member is listed below in their respective roles.




Anthony Lamacchia
CEO Lamacchia Companies Inc., REALTOR®
Sarah Chaisson
Vice President of Finance, Lamacchia Companies, Inc., REALTOR®
Angela Walker
Vice President of Operations Lamacchia Realty, Lamacchia PM, REALTOR®
Mike McGrory
Vice President of Property Acquisitions and Development Lamacchia Realty & Lamacchia Development, REALTOR®
Dave Karoly
Vice President of Sales, Lamacchia Realty, Lamacchia PM, REALTOR®
Jackie Louh
Vice President of Business Development, Lamacchia Realty, REALTOR®
Shane Bronson
Vice President of Relocation
Lauren DiStefano
Executive Assistant to Anthony Lamacchia, Business Manager, Relocation Director
Lindsay Favazza
Director Marketing, Lamacchia Companies, Inc.
Sabrina McGrory
Operations Manager
Cole Gargaro
Design and Content Manager
John Millen
Manager of Business Development, REALTOR®
Sarah Hatch
Inside Sales Manager and Director of Relocation





Amy Annunciata
Administrative Assistant
Kim Beaulieu
Woburn Office Manager , REALTOR®
Meghan Casagranda
Worcester Office Manager
Victoria Centeno
Administrative Assistant, REALTOR®
Christine Daigle
Marketing Coordinator/Agent
Kelly Dolan
Executive Assistant to Dave Karoly, REALTOR®
Erin Hebert
Administrative Assistant
Joe Lamacchia
Project Coordinator, Lamacchia Development
Nicole Lamacchia
Nicole LeBlanc
Business Development Consultant, REALTOR®
Victoria Maguire
Marketing Assistant
Jessica Mayo
Administrative Assistant, REALTOR®
Katie McArdle
Administrative Assistant
MacKenzie Mell
Business Development Consultant, REALTOR®
Jacqueline Morse
Executive Assistant to the VP of Operations
Melissa O'Neil
Administrative Assistant
Adam Pasciscia
Field Agent
Mike Phinney
Christin Piccirilli
Angela Ravesi
Administrative Assistant, REALTOR®
John Remby
Business System Engineer
Adam Richard
IT Support Specialist
Brad Roberts
Agent Development Advisor & Trainer, REALTOR®
David Shepard
Field Agent
Keri Sweetland
Business Development Consultant, REALTOR®
Bill Taylor
Field Agent
Brenna Thornton
Executive Assistant
Shannon Wright
Marketing Assistant

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