Spring is a season that’s full of energy and activity, making it the perfect time to consider moving to a new location. If you’re thinking about relocating, then springtime should be at the top of your list. It’s an opportunity to embrace change and start fresh in a new home. The first step, of course, is to sell your current home!

1. There are more buyers during spring

Springtime is known to be the busiest period for real estate, and even though inventory has been historically low, signs of spring activity are beginning to give buyers more hope! Additionally, with mortgage rates dropping to a 2-month low, many buyers are being quoted in the 5’s! This means more buyers will come out of the woodwork and there will be a massive demand for houses, thus allowing you to sell your house at a higher value.

2. Weather conditions are much better

In spring, the weather is less harsh, the grass is greener, and the soil is more humid. If all these factors are in place, it makes your home more attractive to buyers and increases its value. It is much easier to take care of your lawn during this time, too, since there’s no excessive rainfall or snow. Curb appeal does, in fact, add value to your home, so spring is the perfect time to trim your bushes, put down fresh mulch, and plant flowers!

3. There are longer days and better lighting in Springtime

During the spring, there are long daytime hours, which means people interested in buying your property have a longer time to view the home. A unique appeal is added to your home with sunlight, a request you cannot get with other light sources.

4. Tax Refunds

Most people get a tax refund in springtime, which includes buyers who cause add to their downpayment. This means sellers can capitalize on the availability of those tax refunds by listing. You can make much more money during spring because buyers will have more cash.

5. It is easier to change locations

Moving during spring can be much easier than other seasons because the weather is generally more favorable. As stated earlier, more daylight hours give you more time to see homes!

6. There are more bidding wars

Typically spring is a popular time for sellers to list, which means there is more competition to attract buyers.  This spring however, the story is a little different in that there is a large pool of would-be sellers who haven’t decided to list yet because they don’t want to lose their pre-pandemic interest rate.  NOW is the time for you to list your home and take advantage of the lower supply.  If you price appropriately, buyers will compete and likely create a multiple-offer situation which could drive the sale price up in a bidding war.

7. People want to settle down before spring ends

Many potential buyers want to finish transactions and move into their new homes before spring ends. This gives you an advantage, as buyers typically purchase between late spring and early summer.

8. This is the best time to improve your home

If you plan on selling it at the highest value, spring is the best time to get it into shape. There are easy steps you can take to enhance the value of your home, from adding a fresh coat of paint to decluttering. Overall, springtime makes it easier to freshen up your home without taking on huge renovations or improvements.

9. You’ll have plenty of time to purchase before the new school year:

For families with school-aged children, if you list your home in the spring, you will have plenty of time to sell and move to new location before the new school year kicks off! However, in the current market, many sellers are hesitant to list their homes without knowing where they’re going to move to next. If this sounds like you, Lamacchia Realty can guide you through buying and selling at the same time!

Without a doubt, spring is the best season to sell your house. Our expert REALTORS® at Lamacchia Realty are committed to helping you sell your home at the best rates and assisting you in moving to a different location.