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5 Trends in Home Decor in 2012

We’re seeing some interesting trends in homes this spring that mix the most current decorative elements with classic touches that never go out of style. Homeowners are looking to make fresh updates to their décor but they don’t want to spend a fortune doing it. Here are 5 of the latest trends in home décor for 2012 that you can try without breaking your budget:


What’s In

What’s Out

Kitchens: Lighter colors, farmhouse inspired Dark formal colors and accents
Bathrooms: Satin-nickel fixtures; pedestal sinks Brass fixtures; bulky sink vanities
Windows: Simpler curtains that allow light Swags, puffy valences, heavy fabric
Walls: Wallpaper; gray hues for paint Bold, primary, or dark paint colors
Living rooms: Eclectic pieces; spare furnishings Matched furniture sets;enormous entertainment centers

1.  What’s New in Kitchen DecorA relaxed, farmhouse style is what homeowners want now

Dark cabinets, ornate hardware, and formal elements are out for kitchens this year. A relaxed, farmhouse style is what homeowners want now. There are simple and inexpensive ways to change the look of your kitchen without having to do a complete remodel.  Installing a deep apron front sink creates a warm, inviting kitchen. Adding a light, neutral colored beadboard backsplash instantly changes the look of a too-formal kitchen. Update lighting fixtures with softer textures, like a fabric drum light or a more contemporary lighting option such as a pendant light. Adding layers of light with under cabinet lighting and installing larger fixtures that offer more light can radically alter the look of your kitchen.

2.  What’s New in Bathroom DesignNarrow, open cube shelving looks modern and adds storage without taking up too much space

An updated bathroom is a strong selling feature for a home and the bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in the homes to makeover.  Start with storage: narrow, open cube shelving looks modern and adds storage without taking up too much space. Floor to ceiling tall cabinets can de-clutter the bathroom and make small bathrooms look larger. Remove a bulky vanity and replace with a pedestal sink to increase space. Replace outdated brass faucets with more modern satin-nickel or pewter fixtures. Update existing light fixtures. Up-light cabinets to create a halo effect; soft indirect lighting layered with overhead light creates a spa-like luxurious feel to the bathroom.

3. What’s New in Window TreatmentsSheers, neutral colors, and natural textures like linen or bamboo are more modern and have a gauzy, relaxed appeal

The days of overdraped windows for a neo-Victorian look are gone and have given way to window treatments that allow more light into rooms. Sheers, neutral colors, and natural textures like linen or bamboo are more modern and have a gauzy, relaxed appeal. Hardware is lighter, too. Replacing thick bold curtain rods with slimmer, simpler rods is an inexpensive way to change the look of your windows. Many homeowners are taking down curtains and replacing them with adhesive window films for a less expensive way to get more light. They give the look of frosted glass yet still retain privacy.

4. What’s New in Wall DecorWallpaper is making a comeback after a long hiatus

Wallpaper is making a comeback after a long hiatus. But unlike the garish, bold patterns from decades ago, we’re seeing more nature-inspired designs in neutral palettes. There are more options now for wallpapering than in years past. You can get wallpaper rolls with adhesive already on the back which cuts both the cost and time required to apply. Or you can try roller wallpaper products like Rollerwall. It looks like wallpaper but is actually a roller with a stencil and is much simpler to change than regular wall paper. For paint color, flat grays are the new “it” color for walls. Gray hues in silver, putty, blue gray, and slate gray can instantly modernize a room or add drama to an accent wall. Choose a very light gray for a sophisticated alternative to beige.

5. What’s New in Living Room DecorSwitch oversized furniture with smaller, eclectic pieces with clean lines

Overstuffed furniture and furniture sets that match exactly are out.  Discount home furnishings stores will have plainer pieces that are comfortable and much more versatile. Large pieces of furniture overpower rooms and look outdated. Switch oversized furniture with smaller, eclectic pieces with clean lines. A simple way to update your living room is to remove one matched piece, such as a recliner, and replace it with a chair in a completely different color and style from other pieces in the room. Mid-century Arts and Crafts/Mission furniture pieces have a classic look and can be bought at yard sales and department stores. Functional pieces with a designer edge paired with your existing furniture can update the look of your living room quickly.

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